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Life Redesign


Starting from ground zero is what it feels like. Truthfully, I think things are just occurring at a deeper level. It is a matter of toning muscles that have not been used in a while.

The beginning was slow, awkward and not without effort. The tubes of colour felt most familiar, like old friends. I had not picked up a brush for more than a year. My observations told me to focus on connecting my heart to what I was doing. Steps preceding the flow state can seem mechanical. When things do not feel natural it is a good idea to coax for optimal results.

I wanted some smaller pieces for the Ladybug Festival this coming weekend. So this is what I am working on and require some finishing touches. These are smaller than usual; 12 X 12, Acrylic on Canvas.

Once again I will be performing at 1:30 pm at Priddis Valley Gardens. Many other activities and performers will be part of the festivities. If you are in the Calgary area, consider bringing your family for a day of fun. The admission fee goes to the Healing Garden Charity, and the parking is abundant and free.

Rose 2

I have been restructuring my life from the inside out. As an artist, constantly embracing change keeps me fresh and aware and allow for new ways of looking at things.

My current job is ending, as the company I work for is taking a new direction. The Music Academy, thirty years running, is closing permanently at the end of June.

Having just moved house recently, there was an innate knowing that my job would change too. Life is like that, especially when one is undergoing a life redesign.

My position as Education Director has been successful and enjoyable. I have been fortunate to connect with some great people. Now it is time for a new assignment. Despite not knowing where I will land, the possibilities seem exciting.

In the market for employment, and open to a variety of opportunities, I know I will be guided to the right place. If you know of a fit, please connect us. Visit My LinkedIn Profile to see what I have to offer.