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Life Imitating Art

Laying a good foundation is bound to produce stunning results. Life imitating art. The more I paint, the more I think Oscar Wilde was right.

lush umber layerHere are my two umber layers. I believe I have done them in reverse order. Paying no mind to that, I remind myself I am doing what works for me.

The first umber layer, more fluid, helps to establish the values, lights and darks.

lush umber layer paintingIn the second, one pays more attention to detail. So I have used the paint a tiny bit thicker without adding texture at this point. The warm tone seen here will be shortlived when I begin the next layer.

In the dead layer, not seen here yet, I will be adding thinly painted shadows, and thickly painted highlights. The overall tone of the next layer will be a cool gray colour, as if bathed in moonlight. On this piece, the dead layer may take a while. Detail, not discerned in choosing this subject matter, becomes apparent to me the deeper I go.

Something is beginning to take form here in my mind. Each step prepares us for what is next to come. I feel a case of spring fever coming on, a balmy nine degrees Celsius is predicted for today. I won’t be surprised at all if we hit double digits. So everyone have a super-fantastic-delicious weekend!

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