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Spring Starts & Stops

Spring Starts & Stops

Where oh where have I been? Four paintings almost finished. An incredibly busy time for me, involving one project or another. Connecting to the source is my primary focus at the moment, knowing that when I am connected to the source anything is possible. I merely have to ground the energy in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

spring sunThe next step is removing self seeking from the menu. Most times people ask-what is in it for me? When less focus is placed on that we receive all that we need effortlessly. It is precisely when we do not focus on what we can “get” out of a situation that we are surprised by how well things turn out. Self seeking interupts the natural flow of energies, and the connection with the source.

Dreammaster RealmThis is “Dreammaster Realm”, the fabulous artwork is the work of
Visionary Artist Erial Ali who has agreed to let us use his image for the theme of this gathering. Have a sneak peek at the website I’ve built for ticket sales to the concert we are planning here.
This event promises to be more than a concert. A performance by Lucinda Drayton involves more than music. She has a gift for creating a transformatory experience, so we believe the evening will be a blessing for all who can attend. The venue is the fabulous 100 year old church, Knox United, used frequently for concerts. If you are going to be in Calgary on May 27, 2007 it would be worth your while to include yourself in this event. We would love for you to join us! Contact me if you need further information.

Before heading off to paint, I shall leave you with the following thought to ponder:

“Is what you are doing right now in your life supporting who you are?”

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend!