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Some Days are Better than Others

Some Days are Better than Others

some daysOkay this Mercury retrograde, in some ways has been one of the worst for me. Let’s see, last week I lost my brand new gloves, only worn four times. Two days later, I left the keys to my life in a taxi.

I often wonder what on earth it is that causes these momentary lapses of sanity in my life. My friend will tell me I am not grounded. “Eat more meat,” she’ll say adding, “I have trouble being around vegetarians because they just are not grounded.” LOL. I was a vegetarian for many years. And I am sure I was more grounded then than I appear to be at the moment.

Then I moved to the Arctic, where you could not even buy a slab of tofu. A look of hopelessness, upon my first trip to the grocery store spread rapidly over my face, shoulders slumped, wondering what on earth I would eat. Keep in mind, this was 1984, and the price sticker on the avocado I had just picked up said $2.69.

I was horrified, as in Vancouver, where I had just moved from, I was getting 6 for $1.00. I put it back, and by the time I left the store, I was munching on pepperoni sticks, full of nitrates and who knows what else. Hmmm … then I was introduced to caribou, muskox steaks, duck, all sorts of things which I had never imagined myself eating.

In Vancouver the mild climate was conducive to vegetarianism, in the north meat was necessary for survival, in more ways than one. Now living father south, I eat very moderate amounts of meat, even though I am living in ‘Alberta Beef’ country.

Oh, yes, did I mention my pajama bottoms are still trapped under the agitator in the washing machine, and for the life of me I cannot get them out! 🙁