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A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of TeaA cup of tea cures anything. It has snowed for two days, now the temperature has dropped. Brrrrr!

The luxury of a hot cup of tea, and a hardcover book that lays comfortably flat eases the chill from the clear cold night.

I picked up on some knitting today. It is good for the mind. Weaving together of wool, is like an exercise in mindfulness. I would really love it if I could make socks, as homemade socks are one of my favourite things. However I seem to be best at knitting square things.

A Chinook has arrived, bringing with it unsettled irritation, strange full moon energy. My blog is now full of google ads, since my payment to renew my pro status has not yet been acknowledged, although the money has certainly left my bank account. I cannot upload any more photos until it is resolved.

The other thing brought to my attention is that google seems to have stopped indexing this blog and the page rank has dropped. Discouraging, as I haven’t really done anything differently, except for installing the google ads. I am wondering if these scraper sites could have a bearing on this. I suspect scraping, but I have not as yet been able to track it. Does anyone have any insight on this?

I will chalk up the glitches to Mars retrograde, not sure what my astrological blog buddies would say about that. In the meantime, I practicing containment, plugging on, and hope I am heading in the right direction. With any luck I will have some paintings to show you soon. Stay warm with a cup of tea!