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The Dark of Winter

The Dark of Winter

The dark of winter is on us, reminding me of deep snowy woods and promises to keep. I liked to recite that Robert Frost poem when I was hurrying home in the dark on the pathway next to the woods.

Long nights with abstractions incubating under the surface has been my preoccupation. There has been no painting this year.  Much happens in the time of winter solstice. Though uneventful on the surface, underneath activity has taken place & I expect to get the paint brushes out soon.

To take advantage of the light, bright as it is and short as it is the best therapy of year. Walk into it gently, as it is a sharp contrast to the darkness. I take time for solitude, happy to have some rest time before lessons begin again.

Blogger Life

Note that I have imported all my blog posts from the other platform which has now closed.  Everything is here now and if you explore, you will find a variety of writings and works in progress. It was fun for me to check my old blog posts, as I have blogged since 2005. Sadly there was no way to import the comments.

Music teacher

Teaching music, guitar & piano, has kept me busy. Here is my advice for a young composer, one of my students.


When composing music, find sounds that go with the idea and feeling of the song and the words. Write words for the music. Music is a feeling, a language, Tell a story with the music. Listen to and learn ideas from other people’s music. Now I will do the same with my own compositions. Teaching is a good reminder.


mountain-stream This mountain stream does not stop running though it is winter. I got drinking water from there while in the mountains and it tastes amazing. Fresh, clear and clean.

Keep moving and let all that is within move too. Let go to make room for the new.

And now the days begin to get longer.

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous & joyous new year.