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Markets, Minutes & Mysteries

Markets, Minutes & Mysteries

Things are moving right along … barely a minute to spare! I had to give up my writing jobs on the websites in order to put my energy into creating some more substantial cash flow. Lucked out to get a very compatible house mate-we have plenty of creative things in common, so things are positively falling into place.

chinook market daySeemed like a good idea- the Farmer’s Market- a lovely 45 minute walk on a day with fine weather. All was going great until we tried to get home with our stuff.

We had to wait for a cab for two hours. I nearly lost my mind, not to mention the temperature continued to drop as we waited, as the sun went down.

Apparently Super bowl day is not a good day to try to get a taxi. My guess is that all the cabbie’s must have been watching the game. We ended up splitting a cab with another woman who was waiting … ours never did show!

salt bowl lampThis is my purchase from yesterday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market-a lamp made from Himalayan Rock Salt. Very healing, and ionizing as well.

After that experience I was wondering what my chances were of seeing a plumber to fix my shower. I called one last week, and never got a call back. Through a friend I found out about another guy who actually said he would be coming back with the parts! I think he will.

Speaking of parts-I have one of those kitchen graters which have a bottom that slides out. Well the bottom part has vanished since this morning-it is like the socks and the washer?!%#%&@*%#!!! Twilight Zone! Can’t imagine where that will turn up, or even if it will.

Something turned up today I wasn’t expecting … lost my nice wool beret about three months back. Walked my friend out to her car parked in front of my house today, looking down, the black circular object embedded under the icy, packed down snow riddled with tire tracks … was unmistakably my missing tam.

Following my friend’s suggestion, I poured the kettle full of boiled water to release it from it’s frozen prison, peeling it ever so gently off the road. It has been hand washed and blocked, and yes … looks good as new. I certainly made my neighbour’s day as he passed by in his car, slowing down to get a closer look. LOL. Today’s excitement in the neighbourhood!

So we finally had the dinner tonight, which had been planned for yesterday. Organic chicken with root veges. Yesterday ended up being too long getting home, to make a lot of fuss over dinner. I am behind on correspondence and my blog visits, but hope to catch up this week. We have been enjoying balmy temperatures, but from what I understand that is about to change. Cheers to all!