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Making It

Making It

You Can Start To Win At Any Time!

snow dunes

To solve any problem
or reach any goal,
you don’t need
all the answers
in advance.
But you must have
a clear idea of
the problem or the goal
you want to reach.

All you have to do is
know where you’re going.
The answers will come to you
of their own accord.
Don’t procrastinate
when faced with a difficult problem,
Break the problem into parts,
and handle one part at a time.

If you can get up
the courage to begin,
you have the courage to succeed.
It’s the job you never start
that takes the longest to finish.
Don’t worry about
what lies dimly at the distance,
but do what lies clearly ahead.

Your biggest opportunity
is where you are right now.
Once you take the first step,
you’re half way there.

You can do anything
you want to in life,
you just cannot do
you want to do.

Thought I would share my inspiration
for the week. From the book
I have been reading about
how to be a successful artist:
Mystery of Making It
by By Jack White

Copyright © 2002

Snow Dunes Photo
© dl robinson
All Rights Reserved

Unwrapping the Mystery

My studio is a very busy place these days. Many projects on the go, which of course, makes for a bigger mess. They are coming soon, I promise. I so want to finish all these paintings, yet they come in their own time.

The romantic notion, of artist at the easel, surrounded by paint colours, creating something from nothing, although formidable, is only part of the equation.

Realistically a great deal of the artist’s time is spent as an independent business person. Striving to maintain a balance between creative work with bookkeeping, marketing and strategic planning is hard work. I am fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy.

People tend to admire talent, often commenting, ‘You’re so lucky, I wish I could do that’, when in fact luck had very little to do with it. What is invisible, to their eyes, are the years of diligent study, hours of practise, and failed attempts.

Yet persistence and determination have removed some of the roadblocks, allowing me to continue on my path. True, artistic talent may be a gift, yet it is what we put into it that makes all the difference. Unhoned talent is like an unopened package, whose contents are still unknown.

Unwrap the mystery. If you have received a gift, unwrap it, prepare to surprise yourself, take a risk, step beyond the limits you have set for yourself. You may find something beyond what you can dream or desire.

In The Shadows

to my blog,
where you will
my creativity
in motion . . .

even music,

should the spirit move me.

Rare moments

taking time

to listen

Rare moments


between the trees

Lacey silhouettes

framework of mystery,

Enticing intrigue;

Drawing me in

to negative space

on a darkened night,

Celestial grace

haunting me

Destiny ;

Moon shadows,

Melancholic blue

Inner strength,

Collective unconscious,

Stream of consciousness;

Seeds planted produce

a root system


growing from



Perception is everything.