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Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds

nite sky

Things can be scary when you find yourself stepping into unknown territory. Where I am going has been under wraps, so as not to jinx it. Now that I have confirmation, it’s time to reveal it.

Night Sky Digital Manipulation © DLRobinson

I have the opportunity to work on contract as an Art Facilitator. Some of the people I will be working with have disabilities. The organization itself is non-profit and community oriented. My training workshops will begin next week.

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon this. The really great thing is this is where my passions lie, while still affording me the time to paint. It is an ideal place for me to be, as I phase out my current
career of 31 years by working at that part time.

Being over fifty finding a job in a different field, can be a very difficult thing to achieve. I concentrated on my transferrable skills.

My whole world is changing … and guess what?
It all had very little to do with me aside from doing the footwork. Everything is falling into place beyond my wildest dreams.