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Destination Nirvana

Destination Nirvana

In a time of universal deceit …
telling the truth is
a revolutionary act.
~George Orwell

BuddhaWhy seek the truth? How is it that so many of the great minds have spent lifetimes looking for the answer to that eternal question? A universal set of truths and values are common to all peoples and cultures.

I believe that all religions are merely different roads to the same place. It doesn’t matter what you believe. When your belief is strong, then there is no need to to prove it is correct, nor to attempt to convert others to your beliefs. Conviction needs no justification.

Trying to convince others your way is the only way, is a futile pastime. Focus on yourself instead. What you believe is what you will become. Perhaps an important reason to seek the truth. Beliefs are only real to the one who holds them. From belief emerges truth. Truth is universal.


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