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No Compromise

No Compromise

ExtravaganceA new painting just started yesterday. I chose not to do an under painting, since I wanted to improvise, in hopes of achieving a fresh feel.

Struck by the words of Jack White, in his e-book, “Mystery of Making IT”, he pointed out, if you paint what people like, and will buy, then you will be able to reach your goals.

Extravagance Acrylic/Canvas 16 X 20

Now that does not mean it won’t be something I don’t enjoy painting.

He also suggests that the artist pay attention to what is said about your work, then give the people want they want. I know that the feedback I have received from my patrons, includes they like the flowers, the intense colours, to my delight, it is the very thing I enjoy doing.

After reading Chapter Two, in his book this morning, which I found out about, thanks to Terri West, I spontaneously unwrapped a new canvas, picked up my brushes, and let myself loose, throwing caution to the wind. What a good feeling when you are enjoying the act of painting, without compromise!