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November bare trees with snow “November never disappoints. Embrace the darkness, for the light will return.” ~DLRobinson

November is cold, snowy and dark here—time for introspection.
I found experimenting with AI Art a way of expanding my inspiration. This AI creation, I facilitated, but writing an algorithm. AI artwork created through artificial intelligence, and love how this one turned out. This is where I have been playing, at Night Café.

Traditional Paintings

Of course, I still have available traditional paintings here. Commissions are open, so reach out if you see something you love, or if you are interested in a custom work.

Here is a video I made with my available landscape paintings. 


The other night I went to sneak a peek at the November eclipse, the Beaver Blood Moon. The sky cleared for the eclipse, but the moon did not look red. Crunchy snow on a cold night after several days of snow. The stars & planets were bright, with the space station overhead too. They must have had quite a view!


I finally have had some time off for reflection. Yet, my creativity has been at a near standstill for several months. Incubation, yes, I reach out and can almost touch it, like the brass ring on the merry-go-round. What is that feeling? The one that makes one feel uncomfortable in one’s skin. Not settled, ready to jump, given the opportunity, but low in energy.

Pandemic Thoughts

The pandemic has sent humanity around a bend. Will we ever recover? Well, just that things will never be the same. A social change has occurred. It’s a big shakeup. Ultimately, this may be a good thing.

Many have been reconsidering their focus. I have spent so much time reevaluating. By doing so, I am missing out on my life. But one can only make a move once the time is right. For now, I am incubating and recharging and getting ready to make a move. However, I need clarity and focus before I do so.

We have lost the option to gather with people, and now everyone has dissipated in different directions. People removed from your life for a reason will be replaced with more compatible ones, since energy cannot be created or destroyed. It will convert to another form of energy.

Live performance is something else that seems like a dream. Although I am more of an introvert, the extent of the isolation has been beyond difficult. I despise the anger spewed and the mistrust that is so abundant at the moment, and I, too, have been anxious and angry. We are forgetting how to connect and socialize. Existing in the virtual is not a replacement for human contact.

Moving Forward

Despite the feeling that we’ve lost so much, this global situation could be an opportunity to effect change. The divide and conquer has been a successful agenda. Now more than ever, gathering all that is important and running with the ball is important. Please don’t count me out yet.