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October Passion

October Passion

HibiscusIT’S DONE! Can you believe it? I scarcely can! I had no choice-it’s going on lease tomorrow. Now it may not look any different than some of the WIP’s I’ve shown, but it is more polished. What did I learn from this painting? I learned never to name a painting at the beginning … this one is called

“Passion” 24×24 Acrylic/Canvas.

Let me tell you I can say some intense feelings were projected during the making of this. Perhaps I should explain-let’s just say the flip side of passion is rage-that would be the shadow side. I doubt it is over yet, but the painting is done!

Red YellowAutumn is in full swing. Days are sunny and cool. We went to see Loreena MacKennitt in concert at the Jubilee Auditorium, after a feast of Greek food. A lovely evening with friends.


Yellow LeafOctober has begun, and still we have leaves on the trees. So it is not all bad. And we have had sunshine even though it is cool. One of the things I am doing is spending as long as is necessary to get into the right energetic state for painting.

This morning it included yoga, meditation, a bath, a big breakfast with protein which was a chicken sausage/yellow pepper/onion/cheese/potato fritatta. I am realizing I am pretty high maintenance-but worth it!