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State of Affairs

State of Affairs

rainMy state of affairs is in direct proportion to whatever perspective I choose to go with, at any given time.

It was sunny and humid today, then it stormed and rained.

We even had hail, and the sun shone for a while, even as the hail came down. A good storm never hurts.

Seems to clear the air. Just like after a period of restraint, it feels good to let loose.

Since arriving home, I cleaned my studio, reorganized, getting ready for another round of painting. I have decided on two new inspirations for paintings. I want them to be large, not sure if I have big enough canvas here.

Something like 48 X 72, comes to mind. I have never painted one that large. Am I ready to paint that big? Not sure how much a canvas that size will cost. How comfortably will it fit in my studio?

Thinking big can expand your world, just as thinking small shrinks it. Never discount the possibilities. Whatever limitations we struggle with, are the very ones that, we ourselves, have put there.

Live it up, take a risk. Life is Short: Have Dessert First!