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Eluding Winter Blues

Sweet Pea ParrotYesterday I took a trip to the garden center. A new nozzle for my hose was in order. The trees, especially the cedars, do need to be watered during these dry winds in winter.

And we had frightful winds the night before last, which whirled around in my head for a whole sleepless night. Everything rattled, while the trees swooned under it’s force.

Not many around here slept that night, I am positive.

The garden center, to my surprise, turned out to be an oasis. Early on I found myself face to face with “Sweet Pea”, a twenty year old Macaw parrot seen here. At first I wasn’t sure he was real. Just as I saw his eye blink, I noticed a sign stating a warning that he will bite if you touch him. Fortunately for me, I only wanted his picture.

Also to my delight the koi pond offered up a photo opportunity. No one seemed to mind my picture taking antics. Besides a chance to get used to my new camera settings, I was able to avoid all my other responsibilities for an afternoon. You could say I am yearning for spring. We are expecting snow tonight.

Koi PondKoi