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Make Me An Offer

Some say being an artist may not the easiest path, however that is the path of my passion and I must follow it. I have been on an intensive healing journey and much healing has occurred. This process has required me to deeply examine underlying core beliefs, which have contributed to illness and have been delaying my moving forward in life.

In making the transition from survive to thrive I am finding it necessary to ask for additional assistance as my situation requires immediate action. So far my search for employment has provided me with only sporadic piece work. I need to stabilize my income in order to meet my obligations. It is now time to place earning income as a priority. The situation is critical and so I ask for your assistance.

How can you help? Do you have any job leads? I have a diverse number of skills and extensive experience with people which would be an asset to any organization. I am extremely computer saavy with skills such as web design, website community administration, office work including Microsoft Applications, database management, e-marketing, photography, digital graphics design, coordinating, event planning and I am willing to accept offers for my services. Much of this work I have been doing for little or no money, to gain experience and now it is time to be paid for my services.

Calgary SkylineI have a number of fine art pieces that are looking for a good home. Also, I am offering unframed prints of my photographs for sale at this time. You can see some of them on my Photo Galleries, and also you will find a larger selection on my Flickr. Let me know the title of the photo and the size you would like. I will invoice you for the cost of the print and shipping once we have agreed on the price. Now is the time to make an offer on any of the available paintings you see on my Website.

No reasonable offer will be refused. Make an offer and it can be yours, plus shipping! Upon agreeing on a price-you will be invoiced for shipping charges via PayPal and the painting will be shipped to you promptly as payment is received. Contact me through my website using the contact form located here and email with the name of the painting and your price offer. Once agreed upon I will invoice you for that amount through PayPal, plus the cost of shipping. The painting will be shipped promptly, upon receipt of payment.

Painting Trio, art squared If you are not interested, then please pass this along to any art lovers you know. Yes, I am asking you to help me sell my work!

Painting Trio, art squared

From the prices listed here, you can get some idea of what a reasonable offer might be, when considering making an offer for a purchase from my website. Paintings of this size list for 150.00 & I am fine taking less to get some cash flowing. These pieces are 6 X 6 on Gallery Wrap canvas, and look wonderful when hung together vertically of horizontally.

If you feel moved to support this local artist, then please do, so you may experience the true art of giving. After all, money is a form of energy. In trying times the important thing is to keep the circulation and flow going.

What we give is returned to us tenfold, in the pay it forward model which I am demonstrating here. I am inviting you to exchange energy with me so that you may activate this in your own life. Even a small amount will help to ground out the energy to assist me in attracting abundance into my life.

I will accept your contribution with gratitude. Love, Peace, and Abundance to You!