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Spring This Year

BirdieAs I write this the snow is gently falling … oh can it be over soon? Spring is reluctant this year. Yet the birds bravely carry on, building nests and making preparations for their young.


Yes I am trying to be like the birds and go with the flow.

I signed up for Calgary Dollars, an effort to increase my hair clientèle. I will attend their monthly potluck in a couple of weeks with business cards and do some networking. After all, people do business with people they know. The other important thing is a different approach may help to change our views about money.

We have been trained to believe and think about money as it applies to our current system. I would say the time is right now to explore alternatives. With the state of the world economy, I thought it was a good idea to be proactive and get into an alternative system. It is these type of projects that help to strengthen the economy and what better time to support that?

Incognito CatThis little darling got sick on me last week with upper respiratory.

As she had calicivirus when she was a kitten, so she is susceptible to this sort of thing. It was triggered by the snow mold, which seems to be in great abundance this year.

I treated her with natural remedies and she bounced back in three days. Homoeopathic, and l-lysine which is an amino acid and it worked wonders. This sort of thing can take a couple of weeks to shake, so I was grateful it worked so well.

Rolling CatHer sister was completely unaware of the illness and went on about her business, even though the patient had liquid pouring from her nose that damped her whiskers and left her curled into a tight little ball. Nothing like a good roll on the earth to forget about it all.

Actually I was relieved to see that they stayed apart, as this upper respiratory thing is highly contagious. So it was a blessing. If anyone would like suggestions on what to give your cat in this case, please contact me and I will be happy to share the information I spent a great deal of time researching.

The last time this happened I went to the vet and nearly $500 dollars later, blood panels, x-rays and urine tests (ever try to get a cat to pee in a bottle?!) and who knows what else, they came to the conclusion that she needed inhaled meds to the tune of $200 dollars a month, which I refused to agree to, and thankfully my concoctions were the remedy. And they refuse to admit that sometimes these viruses can be triggered as a result of their vaccination, which I believe was the case here. Once it is in the system it is there for good and can shed again when triggered.

Sunflower SkyYou might really want to think twice before you decide to get vaccinated for the swine flu, another contagious respiratory disease, considering more people died of the vaccinations than of the actual flu during the last outbreak. Read Dr. Mercola’s article here and draw your own conclusions! He even offers suggestions on how to prevent susceptibility. It is worth a read.

Be well … even though … well … spring can really hang you up the most.