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Flying Solo

Flying Solo

poppy soloMy ‘solo’ poppy is coming along.
Still a few more touches to do.
Lightness of being, has entered
into the picture for me. Flying solo, I
feel as if I am getting ready to soar.
I am learning ever so much these days,
yet it feels like only the beginning.
After selling the Purple Iris painting,
as well as a miniature piece last week,
I experienced emotional stress,
which I realized was a sort of grieving, which meant letting go of my art was a bigger problem than I thought.
My next art read is going to be “Art & Fear”, as I do believe fear to be at the root of this issue. During the reading of “The Mystery of Making IT, I read the following quote, which caused me to break into laughter.”

“Love what you do, but do not fall in love with the pieces. These are not your offspring. They are the product you have chosen to earn your living with.” Jack White

Since reading that quote two days ago,
I have now stopped thinking
of my paintings as offspring.
Even the painting seems to be
going faster. Could this be why
it has taken me so long to finish
a piece, up until now?
Once unattainable hurdles
do not look like roadblocks anymore.
Destination in sight,
free of excess baggage,
which could once ground me,
I am getting ready to fly solo.

No Compromise

No Compromise

ExtravaganceA new painting just started yesterday. I chose not to do an under painting, since I wanted to improvise, in hopes of achieving a fresh feel.

Struck by the words of Jack White, in his e-book, “Mystery of Making IT”, he pointed out, if you paint what people like, and will buy, then you will be able to reach your goals.

Extravagance Acrylic/Canvas 16 X 20

Now that does not mean it won’t be something I don’t enjoy painting.

He also suggests that the artist pay attention to what is said about your work, then give the people want they want. I know that the feedback I have received from my patrons, includes they like the flowers, the intense colours, to my delight, it is the very thing I enjoy doing.

After reading Chapter Two, in his book this morning, which I found out about, thanks to Terri West, I spontaneously unwrapped a new canvas, picked up my brushes, and let myself loose, throwing caution to the wind. What a good feeling when you are enjoying the act of painting, without compromise!