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The Real Lowdown

feeding timeAs a gracious friend pointed out to me today, one of the largest roadblocks to my moving forward is p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n. Not taking action keeps me in a rut consisting of less than desirable habits. By buying into this I can delay success, and guarantee failure.

In my search for answers, I found an excellent e-book from wiki books called
‘Overcoming Procrastination’
. Printing it out, I began taking notes, a prelude to action.

Besides a show of incompetence, procrastination includes reoccurring behaviour involving the emotions, thoughts, and actions. If I can change my thinking, then I can change my behaviour. In some ways, I have been a poor self manager.

Following one suggestion in the book, I sat down to make a list of distractions and hindering thoughts, which happen to be the reason I am procrastinating. Writing them on paper, with intention to remove them, is a way to leave them behind, in order to carry on with the tasks I have been avoiding.

The list is far from complete, yet I shall add to it, as things become apparent to me. Getting rid of old thoughts, feelings, while facing my fears will give me the presence of mind to focus on the life I was meant to have.

It is time to resolve this without further delay, no pun intended.