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What’s Shakin’ Round Here

What’s Shakin’ Round Here

Sepia BranchesUp before dawn, the silent time before the illumination of conscious activity, a peaceful wondrous time. Groundhog Day in Canada has promised an early end to winter.

We are still a ways off from the beautiful BC fruit, noted by the produce in the stores which leaves a lot to be desired, probably because it has so far to come.

passion-fine-art-printI have also entered this Hibiscus painting into the Saatchi Gallery’s online showdown. If you like it, please go here to rate the painting. Voting doesn’t begin until the eleventh of Feb, so I will post a reminder for those of you who would like to vote for my work! Your support is appreciated.

On the slate at some point soon are some more miniatures . I have joined the Association of Miniature Artists
Check out the AMA member list if you would like to see some of their work. Some fabulous miniature artists whose work is sporting incredible detail. I am excited about the possibility of learning more about miniature art from these talented individuals.

Art PointI attended an art opening on Friday night. The show was held at Art Point Gallery & Studio, an artist run gallery.

Unveiled was a collaborative piece 11lution was unveiled, which took three artists, Don Holmstein, Vicky Myers, and Simon Atchison, ten months to complete. Individual works by the afore mentioned artists were also on display. Jacqulynn Mulyk was in the Red Room with her Big City Living Show. Despite cool temperatures, business was brisk. The work remains on display for the duration of the month.

Getting out to shows and activities is part of my plan to get more connected with people, especially those with similar interests. If left to my own devices, I can get very comfortable here with only a need to go out to stock up on supplies.

I have been dabbling in the paint again, trying to finish up a few pieces. My mantra for the year is to focus, yet it is difficult at this point to get the ball in motion. I feel as though every little move requires so much effort, only a result of my own r e s i s t a n c e, which I am t r y i n g to let go of. If you have any tips, drop them off here. Have a smashing week everyone!