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Attention All Bloggers!

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All right, the big buzz in the blog-o-sphere these days, is about scrapers stealing blog content for their own financial gain. Not a new issue, but it is coming to a head. I get the feeling this is the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning. A digital fingerprint has been created for WordPress.org users, but what about those of us who blog on other platforms?

These parasites of the blogging are sucking your RSS feeds. What is worse, is the biggest offender “Bitacle” is making their revenue from Google Adsense, which makes me wonder if Google is willing to kiss that revenue good bye. Especially with what they are paying for ‘You Tube’. 🙂

I have submitted another idea to Cambrian House. The success of the idea relies on the voice of the crowd. I wrote a previous post about crowd sourcing. So I really would appreciate your vote, if you are concerned about content theft. What was shocking to me, was as soon as I launched my idea at Cambrian House, I got nothing but the thumbs down. My score is in the minus. 🙁

This leads me to believe many people think just because it is on the internet, it is free for the taking. This is untrue. Copyright exists though many are not aware of the fact. Even those who do know it may not care. It is like any other form of stealing, and cannot be condoned.

One of the top bloggers in the biz has written about stolen content. If you are concerned about your blog’s content, you must read this article. Why should these sploggers or bottom feeders, if you will, make money from your hard work? I just discovered my content on ‘Bitacle’ while writing this post. I have been checking every week, and this is the first time it has appeared. However, with no bitacle in the address bar, it looks as if my feeds are being left alone, at least for the time being.

You may want to check your own. I noticed also they are providing a free ping service. How convenient! This is a blog devoted to stopping Bitacle where you can read more about this issue. If you find your content has been stolen, I would love if you would post it in my comments.

If a work can be used or republished, it can be licenced it under a Creative Commons license. If you are looking for material to use this is a good place to start a search for material that can be shared.

Don’t forget to vote!