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I Have Seen

Johnston LakeI Have Seen

… yellow leaves scattered upon the ground already! And I have also seen beautiful scenery this past weekend which I spent in Canmore and Banff.

What a pleasure to have such beauty so close by.

I drove there in a vicious thunderstorm. Due to construction, I crawled the one lane out of Calgary traffic. Instead of counting license plates, my entertainment challenge was to try to snap pictures of the lightning. Really it has been the challenge of summer, my trying to get lightning shots to no avail. Knowing the degree of difficulty, when it comes to that phenomenon, I am appreciative of shots others have been fortunate enough to capture. Luck and timing plays a major role in that. Something like life.

HawkThe hot springs are not so hot this summer-excessive runoff perhaps. Nonetheless I enjoyed the rejuvenating benefits of the minerals. We took a hike the following day around Johnston Lake, which you see in the photo.

A light misty rain from clouds of gray didn’t dampen our appreciation for such a beautiful serene place. Nor did it stop the loons from calling while a hawk circled overhead. Seizing a bird in flight on one of it’s many circles around the lake seemed like ample opportunity. More than likely it was the bird’s opportunity for feeding time.

Now, the weekend behind me I am back to my own sort of reality. Once again thrown into the whirlwind of jobs to be done, schedules and material concerns. The fence builders are hard at work, and say our new fence will be done at the end of the week. Something tells me winter woollies are not far away, except that I wish it weren’t true.


I can still sense the mountains in the distance. Their energy has become a part of me once again. Drawing on their strength will carry me for a time, along the road my existence.