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“Manifesting” (Digital Manipulation) © DLRobinson
ManifestingWhen nothing sells, it can be frustrating. I am thinking, that maybe, I am unable to let go of my labour of love?

I am one of those artists, that may very well have many finished pieces in my house, and yet I cannot figure out why no one is interested,yet they have never been seen by anyone but me.

Focused on creating, the very simplest of thoughts, sometimes, do not occur to me.It is easy to create roadblocks, yet if you ask me, I will tell you that I want to sell my art, in fact to be a full time artist, would be a dream come true. Although letting go is difficult, it is healthy. Letting go of art is healthy. It is what keeps the cycle of creation going.

I can’t help but think, our deep underlying beliefs,
become our will, our desire, and perhaps self fulfilling prophecies. Despite knowing this,negative thoughts can still enter into the picture. Banish them immediately. They can do no good. In order to manifest something, begin by creating intent. Come up with a plan, which is what I did.

I told myself, I am going to hang a painting where I work, as I only have the room to hang one. I intend to sell it, and when that one sells, I will replace it with another, with the intent of selling it as well. That is exactly what I had done, and yesterday I sold the painting, as well as a miniature piece I had on my desk for sale. I was overjoyed.

The subconscious is a powerful thing, it’s hidden power largely unknown. Intent is more than just merely setting goals. Make up your mind to do something, and then by manifesting that, your purpose is put into action. The power to design our very own lives, to find success by manifesting what we desire, is a very real thing. Try it. The sky’s the limit. Onward and upward!