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Knee Deep

Knee Deep

Snow ShadowsIt snowed all day yesterday, a blustery anticipatory snow, touched off by slight gusts of wind. Looks as though winter has arrived, nothing above freezing is predicted all week. I didn’t want to get up, instead wrapped in my two duvets on the feather bed. Despite the time change and an extra hours sleep, I scarcely had the energy to do any more than lounge. I did drum up the energy to put a pot of chicken curry into the oven later on. It is cold when you don’t have to store the butter in the fridge to keep it cool.

cats snow The first big snowfall at first sparks excitement, anticipation, then degenerates into reluctance to take any sort of action. Coming on so suddenly, I realized I had forgotten to empty my rain barrel.

Today the sun is brighter, reflecting the sparkling white. Leaves, still green, sprinkled on the fresh sparkling snow dotted with bird tracks. Wishes and dreams of sunny beaches, & warm sand underfoot.

Regretful reflection, of time lost, & wrong roads taken. I would like to be like Edith Piaf … Je ne regrette rien… regretting nothing … in her waif-like existence. Starting anew, once again. Perhaps this time the outcome will be different. Striving for the lightness of spirit to lift me up on my journey of life.