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February is Here

February is Here

The river is shimmering its iridescent reflections, shivering in the   late afternoon play of light.

I love when the snow sparkles bringing ideas of magical hope and anticipation for good things ahead.

I remember living in the north, which is a vast desert. Snow was a gift from the gods as if it was warm enough to snow then all was well.

It is February already and a leap year. My theme for this revolution around the sun  is to believe. Despite having built an extensive amount of groundwork, it is easy to get down on oneself, when weary from the journey, but it is essential to believe.  More than hope, believe includes intention which is essential to follow through with a concrete plan and the proper action.

Current Space

The years flip by more quickly than they once did. In examining where I have been and where I need to go I would say it is a case of the road less traveled. It is not the easy path. Most people will choose the easy path. I cannot say why I did not.

Northern Flicker                                                                                                                        Photo: D. Robinson ©

There has been an unexpected breaking apart of my situation and my relationship to all that is around me.

The ancient iChing teaches:

SPLITTING APART. It does not further one 
	To go anywhere.

When misfortune has reached its peak, better times ensue.

The mountain rests on the earth:
Thus those above can make sure their place
Only by giving generously to those below.


Exciting because an opening for new is now in place. I have to go with the flow, like the flow of the river, only I do not know where this movement will lead me yet. It appears things must break apart before real change can occur. Now is the time to blaze new paths.

I went to a drum circle this weekend and had the most amazing experience.  Besides connecting one with the heart, I found drumming is therapeutic and grounding, I think the drum has the power to help one break new ground. I cannot wait for the next one and intend to attend regularly.

Oh where will I fly to next? So many choices and the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself. Believe.





Several moons have come and gone and the non-existence of time has proved itself once more. Look at this beauty, almost full. My new camera captures a lot of detail and I am looking forward to getting out a bit more.

As I detach from the walls here, the surroundings shrink into tomorrow’s memories. Packing has begun, with the help of a friend. Next month at this time I will be in a new environment. I will be in a whole new neighbourhood, near the river, some shops, a bakery, cafe and grocer. Fresh surroundings will be good for me, and for my creativity.


All things change. Even my old soft leather jazz dance shoes have been transformed into Tai Chi shoes. Who knew they would be the perfect choice? The Taoist Tai Chi is helping to shift the physical energy. This practice is very good for someone who is regaining their health and I fall into that category.

fireside guitar

I have stepped back from painting since my last show which has given me a chance to re-evaluate the process and to find an appreciation for the work my gifts and talents have produced.

In the meantime I practice observation while allowing the creative energy to build. I have been dabbling with my music here and there. Hoping to get set up for some recording so I can share my music with you soon. Watch for some new surprises sometime this spring.

Saturday Inspiration

Saturday Inspiration

Here’s a cool Seventh Chakra Visualization from
The Harmony Channel

In response to the
ganesherocks Challenge
Here are my finished sentences.

1. I am… trying to get moving.
2. I will… allow abundance into my life this year.
3. I want…to sell some paintings.
4. I see… more than I let on.
5. I need… to finish painting them first :))

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goes out to:

Calgary Guy

The Human Condition

The Human Condition

Road of LifeOur experience teaches us the only time that exists is the present. Our endeavors, if noble, can create desirable virtues all of humanity can benefit from, regardless of our personal beliefs.

Common respect for our fellow individual is not manifested by forcing our convictions upon others. We must respect our differences without prejudice. While it is useful to see our commonalities, we must remember that no two people, no two cultures are alike.

What we do in our day to day lives is of the utmost importance. Our actions affect the entirety of the universe. By examining and putting into action our intention, motives, and objectives we can find the means by which to take care of ourselves and others. Although we live in the present, we cannot expect to find happiness in attempting to satisfy our instinctual urges momentarily. This leads to a sort of corruption of the human spirit driven by demanding expectations.


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