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Early May Days

  Early May Days duck competition


Early May days are splendid for speculation and regrouping. The returning sun strains our eyes and shines light on anything which neglected over the darker months. When in contemplation I go to the river, like yesterday and today.

Lots of ducks and geese were actively creating their summer life. No babies yet but mating season is well underway. I was lucky to catch this guy in mid-air!  

Still a lot of mud yet, and ice on the banks. The lagoon restoration does not seem complete but the restaurant is open.  The reflections have always been wonderful in the lagoon at Bowness Park, depending on what time of day you go. Everything seems different post flood.

This is an interesting shot I took of a Canada goose, a portrait.  My sense was this guy was looking for his mate & going from being concerned to becoming irate causing a huge ruckus. I hope he found her.may-canada-goose-portrait

My plan is getting outside more this summer. Some walking, biking and plein air painting will be a grand start. Oh and of course outdoor yoga in the park which begins this Sunday! Fingers crossed the sunshine lasts. A herb garden is on my wish list.

I am reviving my journal writing.  Journaling is a tool I use to help me to shift my perceptions,  to break  old patterns, which in turn makes room to create something new. See how the water rolls off a goose’s belly. It doesn’t get under the skin. This is a lesson we humans can learn. My reminder this week to not take things personally. What is the message for you these days?



What’s on Deck; May & Beyond

On Sunday, June 4th, you can hear my music at the Leighton Centre for their Clothesline Festival and Art Sale! I will be performing from 2-4 pm. It is beautiful out there, so come out for a Sunday drive and enjoy some fine art & music. I am working on a couple of things at the moment. I will share as soon as I can. In the meantime have fun. Drop a comment to say hi. I would love to hear from you.

WordCamp Calgary 2017 OrganizerOh and I am attending WORDCAMP this year. If you are a WordPress geek, or wanna be, you can come too! If you want a WordPress website, I can build one for you. See the web services I offer here.

My Life is a Work in Progress


My birthday was amazing and all because of a random drive I took. Slightly lost on the range road I spotted a pond full of swans. What fantastic luck!

The first thing that came to mind was the symbolism, particularly in alchemy, where the white swan is the beginning etheric light-filled phase. No doubt in my mind, that coming upon this sight was no accident. Thank you fellow bloggers for sending all your birthday wishes!

Artist for Hire

By now I could have sworn I would have a full time job. Not so. I just have not figured it out yet. I know for certain age is playing a factor. The general mindset needs to change out there, because I am certainly not ready for the pasture!

And so I am seeking any kind of work, small jobs, big jobs, and of course mural work in Calgary and surrounding areas. I am submitting a proposal for painting on the traffic control boxes. The City of Calgary is hiring artists to paint them. Wish me luck! My Reiki Level III training has been postponed due to my budget, and I do hope I will be able to attend in June.

swan dance

The business part of art is very time consuming, research, writing proposals, updating the portfolio, and sometimes it can feel like there is no time left over to paint. In trying to establish myself as a professional artist, there is much to be done.

I cannot say looking to the art galleries is the answer anymore at least as a mainstay. So I am thrilled to announce, I have signed with an art consultant. AdoptanArtist is a joint venture, between local artists and businesses and it does not cost the business anything. A self representing artist needs support as it is too big a task to manage without being part of a larger group. So if you are a business in Calgary who has room to hang some original art in your offices, please contact AdoptanArtist. It won’t cost you anything, and you can support local artists.

Baker Park Spring

The buds are bursting and our weather is super warm for this time of year. The late spring snows have greened things up. I have been thinking about doing more sketching. At one time, I did it a lot, and also did some pen and ink.

Will I find time to keep a sketchbook journal this summer? Join an outdoor group that does group hikes? Perhaps a Plein Air outdoor painting group would be fun too, or I may just go out on my own. I am getting out a bit more to network with people who have the same interests. I would love to collaborate on some art and music projects, so I am hoping to connect with those people.

Welcome Spring

Well spring is here Equinox has arrived and we have been having balmy temperatures to go with it. Imagine my dismay when I checked the weather report and found this!

WINTER STORM WARNING: City of Calgary Issued at 10:37 AM MDT SATURDAY 21 MARCH 2009

Ice Cacoon


At Artpoint we will be ignoring the weather and having a spring studio clean-out. This is a great opportunity to pick up some quality fine art at reduced prices. Here is what is planned for April at ArtPoint:

April at Artpoint: OPENING Apr 3, 2009 from 5-9 pm. Apr 3-25, ‘09.

MAIN & RED GALLERY: Studio 18 presents, “Concrete vs Consciousness”, Simon Aitchison and Jacqulynn Mulyk. Jacqulynn is examining the world of the concrete through buildings and structure. Simon is exploring the realm of the subconscious through oils.

UPSTAIRS SALON: Annual Garden Party, with A View to the Garden. Spring Art Blow Out!!

I have a few that are gathering dust, so I will be offering super deals on some pieces. If you are in Calgary from April 3 on-please stop by. Openings are on the first Friday of every month. This one promises to be a swinging party. Come down and have a glass of wine and soak up some culture.


Open Water

Open Water

Bits of open water are beginning to show at various spots along the Bow River. Yet the ice and snow hangs on with a powerful resistance to welcome the new season.

Am I seeing this as a mirror to my own reluctance?

Truth is change is going to happen, regardless of what our response is to it. So my reprieve has removed me from the inner cog of production, while the new structures are being put into place. And my job has been to do the footwork, and to align myself with the larger plan.

But like a child who wants to peek at and pinch gifts which are not to be opened yet, I cannot help but wonder where all of this is leading. So for the time being I will presume it is somewhere beyond my wildest dreams.

Bluebird Blessings

BluebirdSpring is sure to be close by. I spotted a flock of bluebirds this week while out on a walk.

Amazing how such tiny creatures can stay warm, upon their early arrival. What a dimension their azure color adds to the bland landscape which we have grown so weary of. This is the first time I have seen bluebirds.

Bluebird on BranchMythology and symbolism about the bluebird is ancient, transcending many cultures, its associations positive.

Bluebird said to me,
Get up, my grandchild.
It is dawn, it said to me.
~Navajo Bluebird Song

The Navajo bluebird song honors the rising sun, and the belief the bluebird is a great spirit in animal form. The bluebirds presence was a welcome surprise, like a special gift which unwrapped itself. I sat quietly astonished, revering my good fortune. The very best things come when you least expect a treasure to appear. Some say selfless seeking, without reward gives one the bluebird of happiness.

Ice CocoonIciclesSlow melts, buds are encased in their ice cocoons. Icicles form a lattice work, thinning out as they grow in length, water rolling off the tips, the wet snow below their destination.


Large ones eventually drop to the ground, sometimes in the middle of the night with a crash, announcing spring’s warmer days and the return of the sun.

Johnson Lake PaintingYou may remember the little canvas that wanted to be a landscape. Well here is the finished product Johnson Lake Acrylic/Canvas 10 X 20.

Since the art show I have been recharging my batteries. Now regrouping, my focus is on creating a vision for the next phase. Ideas for a series are mulling about, although they may not manifest immediately. Other paintings I have intentions for, will begin while I am work on ideas for the new series. Rehearsals are underway, preparing music for the musical duo.

Another BluebirdThe challenge, in whatever we are doing is to keep our vitality, raise the energy vibration, even when performing the not so popular tasks.

If one can accomplish that, then we will truly soar, like the bluebird over the rainbow. Wishing you all the wondrous blessings of the bluebird.

Melt Down

Melt Down
ThawEarly Spring Aroma

Don’t you just love the early spring, the day you first felt the sun’s warmth on your back in months. Birds are back, swooning over the rivers created by the rapid melt? Oh and let’s not forget the aroma of ‘Eau de doggie-do-do’ … its’ pungency permeating the air. ewwwwwwww … Well that’s the reality folks … shite ev’rywhere! Begin small rant – – >

Speaking of shite, the roommate experience/experiment has ended by mutual agreement. Too many cooks spoil the brew, not to mention the cast iron cookware. And now I can stop ironing my underwear.  And my Tupperware is no longer employed, not really keen on going to work in the first place.

Having outgrown my job, last week I began working in a new salon, only two blocks from the old. Heaven knows there is one on every corner around here. That’s right, the market is flooded. Sure way to get your heart rate up, if nothing else. Stress’ll do it, look at the plus side.

The rapid growth in the city has not significantly improved quality of life for many, even most. People are running around breathless, trying to keep pace with the insanity. Perhaps it is not the altitude after all, yet as an excuse it does suffice. Seems as though a boom produces far more casualties than success stories.

Shortages have appeared out of thin-air:good luck getting the kind of light-bulb-you-need, not to mention other staples. Empty shelves, I thought at first were due to staff shortages, no one to unpack things, then it turns out many things are back-ordered as well.

I waited almost two months for a pump for the kitties’ water fountain. Poor little darlings had to drink still water, when they are used to the running, fresh filtered kind. I told them, “I understand, it’s tough being a kitty.” Poor l’il fur babes.

So I am forging forward, doing what is in front of me at any particular moment, hoping I am on the right track. Determined. What I really need to do is sell some art! Another mural wouldn’t hurt either. Planning a strategy … but what to do first?! I will keep you posted. Oh, and don’t forget the time change this weekend … just when we finally get out of Mercury Retrograde. Let’s hope it works in our favour. Cheers!