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Still Life

Bee Bee BalmIt’s being said this has been the worst spring in twenty years. Solstice is upon us, yet it hardly feels like summer. Things are about a month behind here.

Besides the rain-the drawback for my garden this year was having so much of it trampled down by painters and their ladders. Very disappointing!

I suppose I will be photographing other people’s gardens this year, having already spotted some irises and poppies in the neighbourhood. Though I did manage to capture this shot a few moments ago of bee balm complete with bee.

Ginger BloomsHowever, to cheer myself I have bought flowers. This exotic bunch is ginger.

What a gorgeous, reasonably priced arrangement it makes, which lasts a long time. These are the blooms from the ginger root. They must look fabulous growing in their natural state.


Cherries MacroI have also been gorging myself on fresh fruit, recently arrived from the US. Too early for BC fruit.

No offence to the Chilean growers, but by the time it gets here it seems to have lost it’s pizazz. Fruit from Chile lined the grocery shelves all winter. Needless to say, so much for the Canada food guide-at least during winter anyway!

Bowl of CherriesThe day of reckoning is also upon me, and I must find a steady source of income. Would someone tell me why I am so reluctant to to out and do what I know I can do?

It is like inertia comes over me, every time I think about taking action. Let’s see, I have been building resistance to the fear.

I am surrounded by the right group of supportive people. I have the passion, the talent, certainly the persistence and now it is time to take action.

Despite one thousand doors having been slammed in my face I am about to open up door number 1001. Yes I want to do what I love and be successful at it. I want my life to be a bowl of cherries- is that so wrong?

Painting From Life

Painting From Life

Spring TulipsSpring has been taking it’s time settling in around here. Looks like today will be a start, if the rosy glow from the early morning sunrise has anything to say about it. I am hoping for a hot and dry summer, the hotter the better. It will take some doing to get the chill out of these bones.

In trying to get back into the swing, get jazzed about life I picked up my paintbrush in hopes of capturing some of the beauty of the flowers, my first attempt since the surgery. Healing well, thankful for the caring individuals who took me where I needed to go, brought prepared food, so I wouldn’t have to do a single thing but get better.

Besides stretching out your birthday for as long as you can, for the whole month, if possible, I recommend scheduling surgery or downtime near your birthday. Having been spoiled
on my birthday with flowers, they have also been comforting as a focal point while I convalesced.

When I shop for groceries, flowers, fruit and vegetables are all considered to be multi use items. Nothing is immune. The quality of each specimen must look decent enough to fit into a painting or a photograph, even if only to be eaten or discarded later. By the time each individual item has been selected, I have seen numerous strange looks being cast my way sometimes from a lineup which has formed at the in-season array.

Sunday, I am delighted to say, I’ll be off to the Opera “Carmen”. It is a matinée, then dinner. Wishing you all a swell weekend in hopes you will be able to make the most of it. Do a little of your own painting from life if you can. Nothing like a good dose of life imitating art to warm the heart.

Still Life Experiment

Still Life Experiment

Sometimes it pays to put a work away for a time,
which is what I did with this one. At the time I
was intensely working on it, I felt it was
a complete disaster.

Revived from the shelf stacked with unfinished works, blank canvases & frames, for some unknown reason I pulled this
one out the other night.

It looked much better than
I remembered it, so I added a few strokes to it.
A few more final touches to do.

Strawberries Acrylic/Canvas 16 X 20