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Someone, I won’t say who, suggested I am spending too much time on the computer. Their comment suggested I am using it as a task aversion technique. What do you think? Are you?

You know you are a computer addict when …


… turn on the computer before you have your coffee.

… haven’t used your table for eating on in years.

… get up in the middle of the night to check your email.

… type perfectly well with both hands, but you have mastered the art of two fingered typing so you can eat dinner and type at the same time.

… have several blogs.

… refresh your feed reader every fifteen minutes.

… over half your bookmarks are geek sites.

… you need a rolodex to keep track of all your passwords, emails, and accounts.

… have mostly newsletter subscriptions in your email.

… cyber friends are closer to you than any human being you remember seeing.

…see computer games whenever you close your eyes.

… have not turned on your TV in years.

… fall asleep at your desk, instead of going to bed.