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Good Medicine

Good Medicine

Killer FrostThis is what I woke up to several mornings ago. It had hailed the night before, then froze, surely a killer frost. Although some plants in my garden continue to persist. I would have to say pansies afford gardeners the best value. Cheery blooms, lasting all summer, yet hardy enough to stay long into the fall.

This years preparation for winter is a slow and steady project, one small task at a time, unlike the rushed scurry of other years to beat the looming cold. My rain-barrel has not been emptied yet. Perhaps we will taken by surprise at the last moment, though I somehow doubt it. Many baby squirrels, and robins are around, which I cannot say I have ever seen before at this time of year. I wonder if it is a sign of a mild winter to come. Some of the perennials have been swaddled in mulch, especially the peonies, whose promise of blooms next year I patiently await.

SunsetThanksgiving brought surprisingly pleasant weather which was almost too warm for a bonfire. The sunset was memorable, especially since we were high on the foothills overlooking the mountains.

Let’s not forget the wonderful glow of special friendships, and a pleasing rounding of the belly after a luscious feast. Hoping you were as fortunate as I, to have been surrounded by such gifts, and that you too are overflowing with gratitude. Counting your blessings is a sure antidote for anything that ails you.

Our host, created this sacred space, a medicine wheel to honour our collective good fortunes, the ones who have gone before us, and to open the door for future blessings. Everyone brought something to contribute to the wheel. In the photo below, I just love the shadows of the tree spirits, whose presence graced us, along with a friendly woodpecker, who I declared to be the gatekeeper.

Medicine WheelMedicine Wheel GiftsMedicine WandHere is my offering-a medicine wand, made by me. The four colours of thread below the crystal represent the four directions. The various stones, shells, and beads attached to the sinew and deer hide serve the intention of hearts opening, abundance and protection as we travel our soul paths. We welcome the gifts of the future for the common good and healing of all.

Though bitter, good medicine cures illness.Though it may hurt, loyal criticism will have beneficial effects.
~Sima Qian b.145 BC