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The Journey

The Journey

Now that change is underway in my life, I feel like a train that is finally pulling out of the station. It is the wind blowing through my solar plexus chakra.

tree danceThis change thing is difficult when you are thinking about doing it. Once the process begins, there is no way you can stop it.

The chain of events has been set in motion and impossible to turn back.

A freeing feeling, filled with relief after so much uncertainty fueled by my resistance. On the open road now, I am empowered by my intuition and the ability to take risks. Jumping into change is a risk in itself, yet never goes unrewarded.

Still uncertainty will always be there, but it is quelled by feeling things are falling into place the way they are supposed to. I am reading “Art & Fear” at the moment. Here is a quote from the book which talks about the fear of making art.

” …viewed objectively these fears obviously have less to do with art than they do with the artist. And even less to do with the original artworks … “~D Bayles & T Orland

This has been my experience first hand, for a time now. Having worked through a lot of issues, now a light is beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel. No secret to anyone, as I have talked about this in earlier posts. I am not suggesting these things shall magically disappear. More change, more humps to get over, will always remain constant.

Of course it is all taking much longer than I had hoped. Isn’t that the way it usually happens? But, hey … what is the rush? It is the journey that counts.