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Miscellaneous Moments


I finally got my camera back … oh, yes … minus the rechargeable batteries, of course. Talk about aggravating. Now what? My word against theirs, I suppose. Seems like it was gone forever. Although I was pleased it was home, the metal smoothness felt strangely new in my hand. I wasn’t sure where all the buttons were.

This is a strange time of year, not sure whether it is spring or fall. It is amazing the snow and cold hasn’t killed every living thing. I still have parsley peeking through the snow at the side of the house. I noticed the moon was full last night. More sirens than usual, was the first clue, knowing without even looking at the sky. The temperature rose last night, I went for a stroll and got a few good shots of the moon. Ring around … colder weather to come.

I was waiting for the bus the other day, in front of a used bookstore, when I spotted a book in the window. I went in bought it hurriedly, not wanting to miss my bus. Broken out of my dreamland, when this guy swaggered by, bending down and coming up flashing something in my face.

“Five bucks,” he waved it in the air. After taking a few more steps, his hand still in motion, stopping for a second, “It’s not yours is it?” As he continued on his way, I was left feeling in my pockets wondering where my change from purchasing the book had gone.

Mouth open, momentarily remorseful for not having spoken up in time, I watched him disappear down the sidewalk. For him to be so inflated about finding it, he must have really needed it. So in my mind I wished him well … five bucks … five bucks … five bucks … my own form of tithing. Every day a new experience!