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Art Show Revue


It is dark so early now that the time has changed. It was great to have an extra hour, as there was much to do this week.

Paintings were finished, signed and wired for hanging with a coat of varnish. Everything got done somehow, except for my hair that is. I managed to maintain my focus which was the important thing.

Here are the pictures of the show at ArtPoint, the artist run gallery I belong to. The pictures with me in them were taken the night of the show. I went back the following day to take the rest, as I had no time to take photos on Friday night. This is the more intimate upstairs gallery, one of three.

The turnout was good for the show, and made for a fun evening. Flowers arrived with friends, a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses and lilies. I reconnected with two people I had not seen in a few years which was cool. Thanks to all who came!

My show is on at ArtPoint until Saturday Nov 28, and private appointments are available. See my website for details
ArtPoint Public Gallery Hours
Thurs 1-5 pm
Friday 1-5 pm
Sat 11 am-5pm

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