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Tragedy of Trends

How many times have you found the perfect thing, and when you went to replace it, were told we aren’t carrying that anymore . . . it was a passing trend.
“It was? Am I that far out of the loop?” I thought to myself, wondering who in the world decides these things.

I think it started with lipstick colors in the seventies. Sudden ruination, when the lipstick color that made my life complete was no longer available, sending me into a bout of remorse, for not having stocked up.
What does one do then? People don’t take you seriously when you have no lips, or eyebrows for that matter.

I went to a lot of trouble to get my house Feng Shui friendly, and found it was really making a difference in my life. The when two of my stalks of bamboo went the way of the compost pile, I found my business phone was not ringing as often. I went looking to replace them, knowing that a certain number of pieces was the key to bringing abundance into my life. In case anyone is interested, multiples of three are best.

Not able to find any after looking several places, I couldn’t help but wonder if lucky bamboo had already joined the ranks of the dodo bird, along with my blackberry colored lipstick.

After a couple of weeks spent trying to track down the lucky bamboo, I ended up in Chinatown, on the recommendation of one of the florists I had visited, who told me that the trend had passed and it was no longer worth it for them to carry it anymore.

Once in Chinatown,I saw lucky bamboo in all shapes, sizes, along with jasmine plants, jade plants, you name it, all the items I had been looking for, yet were no where to be found, until now. Why hadn’t I thought of Chinatown before?

Of course, as an artist, I was mortified to find out that some of the color pigments that I have become akin to, would no longer going to be manufactured, once the current supply runs out. Upon investigating this, it turned out that the car manufacturers are the ones who decide this.

Now tell me, isn’t there something wrong with the order of things in this world, when the car manufacturers are the ones deciding what pigments shall be available for artists to use. Is this not a decision that the artists should decide, henceforth dictating to the auto industry, instead of the other way around?

I take solace in the fact that I still have another twenty years with my Quinacridone Gold, and perhaps by then they will have come out with the new improved version, which, by the way, never ever seems to be superior to the original, in anything other than price.