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Twilight & Triptych

Twilight & Triptych

sunset lone tree Days are long and the sun does not set until almost eleven at night here. Still not sure it adds enough time to the day to get everything done.

This week is time for me to rest from the mural job and to get some of my own stuff done. Paintings to finish. Yesterday I began getting my living space in order. I have been working so many hours, leaving little time for the basics.

Weather promises to be hot and dry, so I am even considering a pleinair trip to one of the parks this week. Pack up my supplies and a lunch. Here’s a tryptych I started this morning. Three 12 X 12 which makes the completed work 12 X 36. Painting is from a photograph I took.
birch tryptych

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
~Thomas Edison