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Remembering Gratitude

Road ToLong weekend coming up this weekend in Canada. Thanksgiving is almost here, or as I like to call it gratitude weekend.

I am grateful for the chance to go to Radium Hot Springs this weekend. Sharing in good company and turkey. Immersing ourselves in nature and the mineral springs.

We had strong winds here this past few days, so strong in fact it tore my gate off the hinges. That gate must weigh about one hundred pounds! Yes the winds of change are in the air. Feel the bite of the chill, then welcome and assimilate it.

A thin coating of ice has settled on the bird bath. I discovered this morning a couple of hungry robins. So in the course of my errands I acquired some peanut butter suet with hanging cage and a seed bell to accommodate the slightly larger birds like the robins.

Leaf IceReceive all that blows in and out of your life. This energy exchange is crucial for the vitality of life.

And one must stay aligned and know their own inner truth.

The most important thing one can do at this moment is not to buy into the fear that is being promoted. Keep your own energy centered, circulating and raise your vibration.

Remember you have always had everything you needed. The universe will provide. Be grateful. Afford yourself simple comforts and pleasures. My heart is full as I acknowledge the many blessings I have received into my life. My wish for you is that you have all you have ever wanted and more.

Remember we are so much more than we once thought we were. Many blessings to all.

Bluebird Blessings

BluebirdSpring is sure to be close by. I spotted a flock of bluebirds this week while out on a walk.

Amazing how such tiny creatures can stay warm, upon their early arrival. What a dimension their azure color adds to the bland landscape which we have grown so weary of. This is the first time I have seen bluebirds.

Bluebird on BranchMythology and symbolism about the bluebird is ancient, transcending many cultures, its associations positive.

Bluebird said to me,
Get up, my grandchild.
It is dawn, it said to me.
~Navajo Bluebird Song

The Navajo bluebird song honors the rising sun, and the belief the bluebird is a great spirit in animal form. The bluebirds presence was a welcome surprise, like a special gift which unwrapped itself. I sat quietly astonished, revering my good fortune. The very best things come when you least expect a treasure to appear. Some say selfless seeking, without reward gives one the bluebird of happiness.

Ice CocoonIciclesSlow melts, buds are encased in their ice cocoons. Icicles form a lattice work, thinning out as they grow in length, water rolling off the tips, the wet snow below their destination.


Large ones eventually drop to the ground, sometimes in the middle of the night with a crash, announcing spring’s warmer days and the return of the sun.

Johnson Lake PaintingYou may remember the little canvas that wanted to be a landscape. Well here is the finished product Johnson Lake Acrylic/Canvas 10 X 20.

Since the art show I have been recharging my batteries. Now regrouping, my focus is on creating a vision for the next phase. Ideas for a series are mulling about, although they may not manifest immediately. Other paintings I have intentions for, will begin while I am work on ideas for the new series. Rehearsals are underway, preparing music for the musical duo.

Another BluebirdThe challenge, in whatever we are doing is to keep our vitality, raise the energy vibration, even when performing the not so popular tasks.

If one can accomplish that, then we will truly soar, like the bluebird over the rainbow. Wishing you all the wondrous blessings of the bluebird.