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February is Here

February is Here

The river is shimmering its iridescent reflections, shivering in the   late afternoon play of light.

I love when the snow sparkles bringing ideas of magical hope and anticipation for good things ahead.

I remember living in the north, which is a vast desert. Snow was a gift from the gods as if it was warm enough to snow then all was well.

It is February already and a leap year. My theme for this revolution around the sun  is to believe. Despite having built an extensive amount of groundwork, it is easy to get down on oneself, when weary from the journey, but it is essential to believe.  More than hope, believe includes intention which is essential to follow through with a concrete plan and the proper action.

Current Space

The years flip by more quickly than they once did. In examining where I have been and where I need to go I would say it is a case of the road less traveled. It is not the easy path. Most people will choose the easy path. I cannot say why I did not.

Northern Flicker                                                                                                                        Photo: D. Robinson ©

There has been an unexpected breaking apart of my situation and my relationship to all that is around me.

The ancient iChing teaches:

SPLITTING APART. It does not further one 
	To go anywhere.

When misfortune has reached its peak, better times ensue.

The mountain rests on the earth:
Thus those above can make sure their place
Only by giving generously to those below.


Exciting because an opening for new is now in place. I have to go with the flow, like the flow of the river, only I do not know where this movement will lead me yet. It appears things must break apart before real change can occur. Now is the time to blaze new paths.

I went to a drum circle this weekend and had the most amazing experience.  Besides connecting one with the heart, I found drumming is therapeutic and grounding, I think the drum has the power to help one break new ground. I cannot wait for the next one and intend to attend regularly.

Oh where will I fly to next? So many choices and the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself. Believe.



The Dark of Winter

The Dark of Winter

The dark of winter is on us, reminding me of deep snowy woods and promises to keep. I liked to recite that Robert Frost poem when I was hurrying home in the dark on the pathway next to the woods.

Long nights with abstractions incubating under the surface has been my preoccupation. There has been no painting this year.  Much happens in the time of winter solstice. Though uneventful on the surface, underneath activity has taken place & I expect to get the paint brushes out soon.

To take advantage of the light, bright as it is and short as it is the best therapy of year. Walk into it gently, as it is a sharp contrast to the darkness. I take time for solitude, happy to have some rest time before lessons begin again.

Blogger Life

Note that I have imported all my blog posts from the other platform which has now closed.  Everything is here now and if you explore, you will find a variety of writings and works in progress. It was fun for me to check my old blog posts, as I have blogged since 2005. Sadly there was no way to import the comments.

Music teacher

Teaching music, guitar & piano, has kept me busy. Here is my advice for a young composer, one of my students.


When composing music, find sounds that go with the idea and feeling of the song and the words. Write words for the music. Music is a feeling, a language, Tell a story with the music. Listen to and learn ideas from other people’s music. Now I will do the same with my own compositions. Teaching is a good reminder.


mountain-stream This mountain stream does not stop running though it is winter. I got drinking water from there while in the mountains and it tastes amazing. Fresh, clear and clean.

Keep moving and let all that is within move too. Let go to make room for the new.

And now the days begin to get longer.

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous & joyous new year.




Happy New Year 2014 New Story


An icy walk by the river recently while the sun was out. Calgary was one of the coldest places on earth just before the holidays and we have had lots of snow, the most in 112 years.

I am thankful for the Chinooks that lessen the strain of the winter. And today is mild bright and sunny.

Now the new year is upon us. I wrap the old year in thoughtful reflection to make way for new intentions. 2013 was a year in which I learned a lot about myself, how far I could push myself and how much tenacity I have. I worked a seasonal job while still on the lookout for something permanent. Lessons for art & music are on break until the new year.

The old story has leaving with the old year, and what I am letting go of are to be burned on paper in the fire. 2014 begins with a New Moon, a powerful time for setting intentions and the start of a new story. I am making decisions about what I will create this coming year, which is also going to be the Year of the Green Horse.

Painting has become like meditation and prayer for me. The season has been busy, selling some paintings at art fairs and here are two of my latest that I am very fond of. Had a great time painting these. Both are 6 X 6 on Gallery Wrap canvas. They are for sale. Please contact me, if you are interested.


Wishing you an abundant year in health, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial. Let us create and prosper in 2014.

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice~Merry Christmas~Happy Holidays and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Who ever thought we would have made it this far?


We have had a a lot of icy fog and hoar frost this year and it is beautiful. Occasionally the sun breaks through.

And though I would like to be out taking more pictures, however other things have taken priority.

At the moment it seems I am going from deadline to deadline, pacing myself and somehow it all gets done. Everything I need comes to me, miraculously.


I am getting bits and pieces of time in the studio in an attempt to finish some work. This is one of several oils I did late this summer, all 12 X 16. They are almost dry, still a bit wet in the darker areas.

A couple of weeks ago, I auditioned for a band and the experience was great. I felt good about the energy I took there, and was relaxed and calm. Feeling good about being in my element though it had been a long time and an opportunity to perform. It did not turn out to be the right situation but it feels like a bridge. A couple more situations are just on the horizon.


Currently I am writing new music, on piano mostly. My goal is to create an album, a CD, and once I have done that I will find a way to record it.

So I am carrying my notebook with me everywhere, as I always did before. The music is coming quicker than the lyrics. That has not always been the case. Creative thoughts must incubate before we can birth them. Much growth has been taking place under the surface.

I am spending this time to set intentions for the New Year, and to prioritize. Included in the repertoire will be lots of art, music, web design and writing. I am re-branding myself to integrate all that I do, and am determined that will provide me a way to sustain myself. In the meantime, let’s set an intention to make 2013 the best year ever!

Already December

winter river trees

The river is not frozen over and we are well into December. I am overjoyed with the mild temperatures. Time to celebrate and decompress. If you want to find me on Christmas, I will be in the Rockies, soaking in the mineral springs, and dining in Banff.

As you can see by the meter on the left I finished NaNoWriMo a day early. I am planning to finish the book in January. This month has been busy, as I had a one month contract to take me through until the holidays. In one week I managed to manifest that, plus another car, and another interview. Still looking for work to start in January.

I have rented a keyboard, and hope to record some music for you soon. Have piano will travel. I have one gig booked for June and hope to find more. If you are looking for some blues-jazz for your function, please contact me.

The days are shorter now, and I find myself stumbling around in the dark quite a bit. The days will now begin to lengthen. Best wishes to all for the holidays and the coming year! I will leave you with one of my favourite Christmas songs.

Instinct & Evolution

blood moon

Pensive gradual descent into the cool mist, penumbra moon, encircled by a ring of light, colder weather to come. Floorboards creak underfoot with a groan.

The fog was thick the few nights surrounding the last full moon. And now the new moon has passed too and now it is full again.

It is hard to believe we are three quarters through November. The morning bright light seems too early, since the time change, and evening chill creeps in like a fox. Winter has arrived dry snow crunches loudly underfoot. It held off longer than I would have thought possible, so I will not complain. I got the bulbs dug out last Sunday and the rain barrel emptied just in time for winter to arrive Monday.

winter geese

These geese flew overhead this morning, complaining loudly.They were headed southeast. Can you blame them?

Though I do my best to bring light to the darkest moments, it does not seem sufficient at times.

I’ve had a glimpse, so I continue, though returning to my true nature turns out to be a taller order than I had ever imagined.

The journey back to wellness has been a steep climb, a treacherous path where it is easy to lose one’s footing.


Current state of affairs; I have not painted for six months. This has been my home for six years. I am looking for a new residence, as the owners are returning from abroad.

I will have many fond memories from this place. The cats and I have loved the neighbourhood, the yard, the garden, birds and the big trees.

Hope I can find something with as much character and with wonderful neighbours like I currently have. Another tall order.

Moving will help to shift the energy. Things cannot remain the same. I remind myself of the commitment to rewrite my story, unveiling authenticity. It is like untangling a ball of twine, allowing all to unfold. Evolution is inevitable.


Sunflower IcedWinter continues. The severe cold temperatures have left us for the time being. Soon the light will increase and nights will grow shorter.

The snow eater winds have tousled trees and have brought the magpies out of hiding rattling bones and garden gates. An aloof sound welcomed on the tail of the wind. Though the temperatures are balmy, I still find myself warming my belly by the fire like a cat.

Where have I been? Expect to see more of me now. I renewed my Pro membership here at blogdotca, so I will be around. Besides hibernation, and sorting out my health regime, I have been busy with Artpoint Gallery, as a board member and volunteer. Hanging shows, working on upgrading the website, as well as working on the marketing committee which seems to involve everything but painting for the moment.

Tonight we attended a workshop with ArtPoint member Krystyna Laycraft on “Chaos, Complexity, and Creativity”. A stimulating presentation which was enjoyed by all. We have a marvelous group of people in our society, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

I have booked my Annual Art Show for November in the Upstairs Salon at ArtPoint! So the paint brushes will be coming out soon! We have a group abstract show, and I will do some experimentation for that, followed by a Functional Art & Design show for the summer for which I will be teaming up with another artist on a couple of projects so stay tuned.

Me & GuitarThe full moon eclipse ushered in the dawning of the age of Aquarius which seems to have brought me into better alignment.

My plan is to execute what has been in incubation for ever so long. Much movement has been taking place below the surface and I am preparing to emerge from this shell. Busy times are just around the corner.

I am going to play at the East Coolie Music Festival which is coming up on April 4, near Drumheller. A benefit for the museum, this annual event is becoming a popular venue. It seems a fun way to get connected back into the music world. So I am practicing my chops for that.

Winter Solstice

Snow BirdDeep dark days of winter are upon us now, winter solstice is here, its frigid nights cause contraction and hibernation, a dark night of the soul.

Let this be the time you set intentions for what will manifest as the light returns. Many things are coming, yet are scarcely more than a whisper.


Snow Pine

Snow-laden boughs begin to sway. Occasional sprays of white blast into breathless air. I am yearning for the warmth and light, knowing the longing will soon enough end. Cryptic messages written in snow. A cold white sun provides a crystalline backdrop.

These darkest nights bring deep reflection amid the icy terrain. Hearts of glass delicately held for safe keeping.

Artpoint Christmas Party-Yours Truly








So we had a shindig at ArtPoint Gallery & Studios where I am a member. The band was kind enough to let some of us sit in, yours truly seen here on guitar and vocals. The bitter cold was barely noticed, filled by the warmth of the food, music, art and connections.

Amazingly enough my car was parked for a good seven hours and started like a dream, only to die a few days later in the garage. Thanks to wonderful neighbors with warm hearts.

Now the holiday season is upon us. Sending you all great blessings of joy, enlightenment and abundance. This Christmas season is a time for gratitude and forgiveness. Spread love and light to all. Merry Christmas!


View from Here

View from Here

my office

Many ways to stay warm. Still snowing while the cold snap continues. Woes of February, shortest and cruelest month of the year, if you live in Canada. This is the view from my office. The trees are heavily laden with snow. You cannot see in this photo, but I can see the bird feeders from my desk.


stay warm


No birds around today though. Except the pigeons roosting at my neighbor’s place. Sometimes I hear their cooing soothing sounds in the dead of winter. Signs of surviving life in the otherwise silent snow.



autumn snowy windowCats are feeling cooped up, waiting for birds at the window who never make an appearance. How can I tell the cats spring is just around the corner when I am trying to convince myself?

Truly, we are due to have a Chinook tomorrow. It is amazing the temperature can vary here by twenty to thirty degrees in one day. The rest of the week promises balmy temperatures and sunshine. I feel a bout of spring fever coming on!

February Gray

February Gray

bird confusionBack to a winter wonderland around here. Even the birds are confused. Not sure if these geese are going South or North.

I wonder if they know? Sometimes difficult to get around when the weather is like this, so I have been doing a lot of walking.

That was fine and dandy until I broke my baby toe last night, and very possibly the one beside it. Ouch! Trying to move forward too quickly, when my foot connected with the chair leg. Needless to say my physical day was challenging.

jessie monaHere are the dogs I am looking after. Today was my first day with them. It is a dog walking job, only they stay in the yard. I stop in to let them out for a while while my neighbour is at work.

These are coon hounds, and they don’t bark, they bay. Noisy devils with pretty big brown eyes. The female is being aggressive in this photo. She gets jealous of the male.

dark branches
Looks like all of Canada is in a bit of a deep freeze … but then what do you want for February? The dark branches of the trees are lined with white, and the branches of the fir trees are heavily laden with snow sculptures.

I can hardly wait for spring … we need sunshine here! This cold weather is for the birds … think warm … think warm … thinking warm … time to limp off to bed. Stay warm all! Fear not … the weekend is almost here.


nite scapeTime to celebrate the return of the light, on this longest night of the year. I can tell you when I lived in the Arctic this was the most celebrated day of the year, next to summer solstice. The shortest and darkest, when time stands still. The beginning of fresh hope.

Now that I live farther south, I see it goes by unnoticed by most. Many cultures and religions have taken note of this day from ancient times. Stonehenge comes to mind. The perfection of the light shining through the enormous rock exactly in the opposite direction as it does on Summer Solstice.

Great mysteries, whose answers may never be known. Basking in the moment, the turning point, new longer days to come. I have spent my evening listening to Adagio which has seemed like a prelude to the coming of light. Leaving behind the old, walking out of the night.

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter,
Long ago.
~Christmas Carol