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Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Happy New Year Everyone & Blessings All Around!dove

On New Years Day, I had a vision of myself on a hilltop flying a kite, taking care to mindfully stop the tail from falling into the cracks. I gathered up the string to stop it from tangling as I ran, taking care not to let it dip below the halfway mark between the sky and horizon. It took flight.

A new year holds new hopes, dreams. The old is left behind. Starting with a higher vibration, we welcome a new lightness of being. Beyond the dark days, whose pace has slowed to a heavy drawl. May the people find their power, as global unity and peace transpire.

This year is sure to be one of prosperity. The old standbys will just not fly anymore, breaking away. Something has changed opening new paths for humanity. The energy has shifted. Hold onto that energy keep it in the air. Are you ready?

Xmas Tracys This was the view on Christmas Day, myself with my gracious hosts, on a walk before dinner, before the sunset. The Chinook winds blew through the tops of the giant fur trees, overlooking the mountains from the foothills.
Beautiful food, charming company, gifts and music besides, all of which I am immensely grateful for.

Here I sit, under the full Wolf Moon, reeling from too much socializing over the Yule season. The long nights have brought with them their share of fatigue. Consequently I did not finish all the projects I had planned. Not yet!

Just have to keep chipping away I suppose, and I will get there eventually. Nothing is perfect … except for my purr-fect little fur babes here … well … almost. Don’t they look angelic?

Autumn OutsideBijou & Pussywillows

Cooking up the first pot o’chicken curry this year, which I had planned to do on the first day of the year. Not one for using a recipe, I have never duplicated the same one twice. This one is smelling good, it’s fragrance permeating the air. Going to have a bath, a bite, then head back to the studio and PAINT!