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Possibilities & Plans; A New Year

Possibilities & Plans; A New Year

Fresh snow has blanketed the transition into 2017 as we begin a new cycle of possibilities.  Trees laden with cotton-balls of snow adorn the thick lined branches. The hares have broken the snow, weaving around the trees leaving their tracks. The New Year came peacefully as I played guitar & drank tea.

I am happy to leave behind the things that are no longer serving me.  Much clearing has taken place and I am simplifying my life to focus on what really matters. I have done another layer of purging to create some space around me for expansion and creativity.

The new possibilities are exciting. This year the emphasis will be on my visual art, music and writing.

Visual Art

In January, watch for a painting a day, five days a week, starting today, Monday January 2, 2017. Check later today when I will post a link here.  All paintings will be postcard size and available for sale. I will let you know a secret. My little paintings go very quickly. I will also be posting them on my Facebook Page if you would like to connect with me there. They often contain as much effort as a large piece and I will be selling them for a reasonable price.

I have not taken many photographs this year, for the first time in a long time. I would like to take a road trip. Some new territory to explore will surely inspire more pictures this year.


Writing an album of music is one plan I intend to complete. The ideas have been in gestation for a long time. The music and melodies come easier than the words for me. It was not always that way. I intend to play more live music gigs. If you would like to host a house concert, let me know. It is easy to do and I will help you on how to set it up. I am still teaching piano and guitar and have a few select openings for new students. Have a look here.

I took a Berklee Jazz Improvisation course on piano and here is one of my assignments; a short improvisation. My jazz improv scale choices for 500 Miles High by Chick Corea.


I am preparing to journal again this year. I have journalled for many years, but I have had a long sabbatical. Exercises for the soul are the mainstay of keeping a journal. Digging deep, becoming aware of all my inner workings to stay conscious of where I am on the journey. I have the three novels (or novellas) to finish, a book of short stories that I will edit. 


My healing journey is now showing some results.  I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time. Yoga, meditation & proper diet have been instrumental to my well-being. As well the inner work I have committed myself to for a very long time is now producing fruit.  Results do not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process to uncover one’s aspiration and authentic self, however well worth the effort.

A quote from The Tao of Healing which resonates for me:

To penetrate the hardest armor
Use the softest touch.
Yielding melts resistance
Density is filled by light
Good work is accomplished without effort.
In silence the teachings are heard;
In stillness the world is transformed.

~Jampolsky, M.D.

May we all experience health, wealth and joy in 2017! We have set out intentions. Now it is time to dig in and make it happen. This year will be a year of action. Please leave a comment and share what possibilities you see for yourself in this new year. I would love to hear from you.

Welcome to My New DIgs

New Digs


New Website & Blog

Welcome to my new digs. This is my new website & blog. I have decided to integrate everything I do into one site.Sunset Over the Rockies

I had my blog on another service for nine years, and now it is here and this is the first post. I like the idea of being able to manage my own domain and the contents. Below this, in the right hand column you will see the blog archive where you can read my  old posts. I will eventually move it all over here.  For now, it will be a gradual transition.

A fresh start, feels wonderful, just in time for summer. Almost overnight green leaves have sprouted and the fragrance of blossoms fills the air. The launch of this website corresponds with the three year anniversary of being laid off as Director of the Music Academy. Since then, I have been working on establishing myself as a creative entrepreneur.

My music teaching schedule has shrunk for the summer, and art classes have finished. However ART CAMPS are coming! Stay tuned for the latest details about locations and availability. If you have a special group, a birthday party, ladies night we can cater to your wishes. Let’s create something together!

Upcoming Events

Caprice’s Fine Art Summer Event
Saturday June 14, 2014 10-5pm
10-5pm Inglewood Community Hall.

My Art will be on Display & For Sale, and my musical performance will be from 11 am to 12 pm. Many other fine artists, musicians, food trucks & more … come & hang out. The last one was a blast.



Let’s Work Together

Something here is sure to engage you, whether you are an person or business. Whatever the reason for your visit, I want to help you to meet your goals. It is personally satisfying to share my talent, skills and knowledge with you.

Everything I do interconnects. Take a look at my body of work & see what I have to offer. I am also interested in connecting & collaborating with other professionals.

Why Work With Me?

A creative entrepreneur, I have a wealth of experience in owning and operating small businesses. This is my business and it is what supports me and I want to engage with you.

Self-directed, I have spent a lot of time studying what works for small biz. My businesses have always been based on service and value.

In all of my dealings I strive to work from a place of consciousness, respect and compassion. Clear interpersonal communication is what works for me and I am highly intuitive. I have great references.

“All of my businesses function on the basis of integrity, quality and value.” ~ Deborah Robinson

List of My Services

Fill out the contact form below so we can get started.

Please Note: It is impossible to give a quote or an estimate before knowing the scope of the job. My prices are derived from   tangible data.

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice~Merry Christmas~Happy Holidays and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Who ever thought we would have made it this far?


We have had a a lot of icy fog and hoar frost this year and it is beautiful. Occasionally the sun breaks through.

And though I would like to be out taking more pictures, however other things have taken priority.

At the moment it seems I am going from deadline to deadline, pacing myself and somehow it all gets done. Everything I need comes to me, miraculously.


I am getting bits and pieces of time in the studio in an attempt to finish some work. This is one of several oils I did late this summer, all 12 X 16. They are almost dry, still a bit wet in the darker areas.

A couple of weeks ago, I auditioned for a band and the experience was great. I felt good about the energy I took there, and was relaxed and calm. Feeling good about being in my element though it had been a long time and an opportunity to perform. It did not turn out to be the right situation but it feels like a bridge. A couple more situations are just on the horizon.


Currently I am writing new music, on piano mostly. My goal is to create an album, a CD, and once I have done that I will find a way to record it.

So I am carrying my notebook with me everywhere, as I always did before. The music is coming quicker than the lyrics. That has not always been the case. Creative thoughts must incubate before we can birth them. Much growth has been taking place under the surface.

I am spending this time to set intentions for the New Year, and to prioritize. Included in the repertoire will be lots of art, music, web design and writing. I am re-branding myself to integrate all that I do, and am determined that will provide me a way to sustain myself. In the meantime, let’s set an intention to make 2013 the best year ever!

Mission Accomplished


Well I did it! I surpassed 50,000 words, with a few hours to spare. This year, things went much slower for me, but then I had a couple of big pushes that drove me over the finish line.

It is a great feeling to achieve the required word count, despite the fact that the book itself is not finished. Of course this is just the first draft. I really feel this one is worth completing. I am going to reserve January for the rewrite, and I will pick away at finishing the first draft until then.

esoterica front

The novel is entitled ESOTERICA and the genre is magical realism. Oh and I even designed a cover this year for fun.

Here’s a short synopsis:

Story of woman artist, a sculptress, set in New York in the early twentieth century, whose family immigrated to the USA during the Mexican Revolution. Malinali Gohl was a trail blazer in the New York art world.

Malinali perseveres against all odds in a sea of tension and opposites, creating alliances that propel her into new worlds and uncover creations that will survive the test of time. In order to do so, Malinali must overcome ancestral patterns, illusion, discovering her inner visions and holding them steadfastly, while purifying her heart to make way for inspiration.

A journey of: Intuition – Illumination – Inspiration – The Angel of the Presence, which guides her addresses and supplies the solution to glamour, unveiling the authentic and uncovering the truth.

One deadline down, I can now move on to my next set of commitments, including two showings of art during the month of December. And there are parties coming up too! If you are at Waves Coffee- Springbank, be sure to take a look at my art which will be on display & for sale during the month of December, beginning Sunday, December 2, 2012. The address is 160- 30 Springborough Blvd S.W

Come and see me at Calgary’s newest craft fair, in Bridgeland on December 8, 2012, where I will have an assortment of smaller to medium sized works and artist made gifts for sale. Click the link for details and map to the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association. 917 Center Avenue NE, Calgary, AB. Hope to see you there!

Fast Track: Writing, Music, Art


N A N O W R I M O is happening for me again this year. It’s novel writing month, and I will attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November. You can view my progress in the sidebar. Last year I met my goal and I found it truly stimulates all areas of my life.

I only decided two days ago, and I am going to let my intuition lead the way. I have done very little planning, if any, so I am going to have to channel this thing.

Staying focused on my creative work, while shopping for inspiration, I have actually started to paint in oils. The one below is the first one I did. I am infatuated with the sensuality of the paint and have done a number of small works, mostly landscapes and flowers for a show at Waves Cafe in Springborough in December.

Leighton OilLeighton View
12 X 16

I will also be selling at an artisan fair on December 8, at the Bridgeland Community Centre through What the Craft. A new series of energy paintings which I have designed is a collaboration of art, gemstones and Reiki and will be included in the show & sale.

Great holiday gifts, even if you decide to shop for yourself, as I am making some smaller pieces. I plan to have some art cards available too. Working on a mixed media abstract with lots of texture, gold and silver leaf. Experimenting and stepping out on a limb is a great way to bring in new energy.

I am writing more original music. Once I can demystify this recording challenge, I will have something for you to hear. Enjoying GoGirlsMusic, a networking group for women in music, which I have joined. We have a Thursday night Twitter chat and I have met some amazing women musicians. I was out jamming some blues last weekend. Getting my musician back on and who knows, maybe some gigs are just around the corner.

Writing A Book: NaNoWrimo

Late Oct Sunset

I am more than halfway through writing my 50,000 words. I confess, in the beginning watching the meter at the side of this blog was a bit like watching paint dry. The process has been going pretty well, and I am a day ahead of schedule. This goes to show what one can accomplish when a decision is made and one commits to daily practise.

Of course this may not be optimal conditions for the professional writer, but it certainly does give one a kick start. Getting used to writing everyday seems to be the ticket. It is great to be able to set a goal and meet it. The one day I felt like giving up was on day 2. My brain was mush, and my thoughts seemed snarled into a tight knot I did not know that I could get out of.

With the help of a few word wars, I sailed through to week two surprising well, considering the stats say that this is the most common time that participants give up. So here we are in week three out of four and doing nicely. I feel happy I have taken on this project.


It is really only half of what I intend to write by the time I finish. So when November is over, I shall set another goal for myself to finish part two. Most novels are approximately 100,000 words. So I am off to a grand start.

Some people had doubled their daily quota to get a whole book written in November. Since this was the largest writing project I had taken on, I decided to be the tortoise; slow and steady wins the race.

The only way to start living your dreams is by taking action. Some people walk across the Arctic, some climb mountains, and I am writing a book. I needed to get my will back. Seems it becomes fainter with age, we do not have so much fire in the belly as we did when we were younger.

I have tried to coax the sparrows closer to the house and the feeders, but they do not seem to want to get that close. I had so many birds at the other house and I miss them.

Needing Rest

Dark'n Stormy

It was a dark and stormy night … no really! It made me think of the Bulwer-Lytton Writing contest, which is a contest for the worst written opening sentence-usually 50-60 words. The contest offers a small pittance to the winners and has become an anomaly in writer’s circles.

Shoveling snow, groaning garage doors, and lows deep in the minus thirties to accompany the drifting snow. The wind chill was minus 51 Celsius yesterday morning. How I spent twelve years north of the 60th parallel is beyond me.

The only warming thought I’ve had is that I am a pro again. (happy dance!) Guaranteed when you fixate on things that are not coming together, my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) rises up. Oh well, thanks to the ‘team’ for sorting through this for me! I can now blog on.


I should have gone to bed hours ago. Instead I have been burning the midnight oil, accomplishing nothing in particular.

I am taking stock, which will decide my plan of action. Rapid change propels me headlong into the unknown. Where the energy will come for this evades me at the present moment.

Seems my energy is at an all time low to match the temperatures. I believe I am safe and protected, I will be warm eventually … and that things will turn out all right. I just need rest.

Writing,Tech Stuff & Good Eats


Apologies in advance to all the vegetarians. I was vegetarian for over twenty years. Moving to the Arctic in the early eighties changed that. I find my body requires it now!

No matter what the weather, you can always BBQ! Have you ever smelled steak cooking outdoors while on your way home when you were so hungry? Last night the aroma wafting through the neighbourhood was my own steak. Yum!

Technical frustrations!!! What is up with the frozen mouse thing on XP Pro SP2? Can’t decide if it is my Firefox browser or Windows. All unneeded Windows services have been disabled. One by one I have checked running processes in the task manager, and have rid myself of things which are eating up CPU’s unnecessarily. I understand this mouse thing is an XP bug. If anybody knows how to fix that please come forth and share the wealth. My next computer is going to have Linux, I think, or I will have to get a Mac. I am not interested in Vista.

I have been working a bit on some writing. I found a conditional freeware program called WordWeb which is a dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder, great resource for writers. Now I really like this guy’s originality and his social conscience. The conditions on using the program include you take at most 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period, and you do not own or regularly drive an SUV (sports utility vehicle). Read more about the licensing requirements and check it out here. Not only that with the pro version you can create crosswords and all sorts of cool stuff, if you’re so inclined.


Trying out a freeware writer’s software called Rough Draft, which works well with the afore mentioned program. I had also downloaded the open source Celtx, but it is more suitable for screen writing, so the jury is still out on that one for the time being in regards to my purposes, but it seems to be a great program. I am truly looking for novel writing software, to do a rewrite on a long awaited project, chapter by chapter.

Hard to believe when I took creative writing at the university about six years ago, I was doing all my assignments on a typewriter! Now I know why people thought I was crazy, now that I know what computers are capable of. That is actually how I came to become a computer addict. And WOW, what an expansion occurred there!

Leaf Scan Art

I have decided to try Google adsense for a while. It has been a week and I am still seeing public service ads???

Now for the procrastination tip of the day …

Time to kill? Bored? Hey why not create some scanner art? That way you can avoid all of those things you are supposed to be doing like creating authentic art, which could bring in some hard cold cash.

Wait a minute! This is authentic incubation time as a result of stage three of the artistic process. The leaves were taken from my yard. I suppose it could classify as found art!

Have a great weekend all!