The Human Condition

The Human Condition

Road of LifeOur experience teaches us the only time that exists is the present. Our endeavors, if noble, can create desirable virtues all of humanity can benefit from, regardless of our personal beliefs.

Common respect for our fellow individual is not manifested by forcing our convictions upon others. We must respect our differences without prejudice. While it is useful to see our commonalities, we must remember that no two people, no two cultures are alike.

What we do in our day to day lives is of the utmost importance. Our actions affect the entirety of the universe. By examining and putting into action our intention, motives, and objectives we can find the means by which to take care of ourselves and others. Although we live in the present, we cannot expect to find happiness in attempting to satisfy our instinctual urges momentarily. This leads to a sort of corruption of the human spirit driven by demanding expectations.


It is easy to see how values in modern society have become inadequate, losing integrity, resulting in low morale. I cannot fill my brain with the woes that exist. Knowing they exist weighs heavily enough on my heart. Things such as this cannot be changed by one person. Working together toward a common goal is most effective. Ask yourself, how can I be of service ultimately contributing to the good? In everyday living numerous opportunities exist to perform small actions contributing to betterment of ourselves and others. Transcending to this higher level of consciousness allows us to be part of the solution.

Being aware without being influenced by our external environment is something we can aspire to. We must empower ourselves by being still, transforming our objectives, dreams and goals into action. Avoid being caught up in the trap of materialism. Abandon the expectations of what you think is required by focusing on who you are. Unfortunately most of us create our own limitations. Wondrous things are possible with the strength to let go, while allowing life to unfold. We can accomplish our heart’s desires.

Being connected, being ever present takes us to a higher state of consciousness. If we could all live from that centre the synergy created would solve many problems as they relate to the human condition. Many have chosen to ignore the higher calling. Acknowledge your awareness. Nurture the human condition with empathy, compassion and genuine caring for our fellow human beings. Perseverance of spirit moves mountains.

 "There is no political solution to our troubled evolution"
 'Spirits In The Material World'
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