To Under Paint … Or Not?

To underpaint … or not.

lush3 peony painting







Under painting it is! A decision which I know may drive some people crazy. Hopefully I will not have to include myself in that group. Many of the finest paintings are under painted, a technique used by the master painters centuries ago.

Works that were under painted withstood the test of time, though that is not so much a concern when using acrylics. However, I think it adds more dimension to the work, particularly in regards to light and colour. As the light changes, so does the painting.

This time I am not concerned about doing things perfectly the way others have done. Instead, I am adapting the technique to what suits me. I have used ink and a brush to go over the pencil lines, so they will not be washed away when I apply the first layer of paint which will be an imprimatura transparent wash.

Cloud SwayCreating balance in this is a little complicated, as it is not smack dab in the centre of the canvas. That was intentional so as not to make it look unnatural and to create a sound composition. It must look pleasing to the eye.

Now to create that kind of balance in real life! Today there were marvelous clouds and sunny and mild after the snow dump last night. Snow was shoveled, and besides painting, errands were run. And ssshhhh don’ tell anyone-I had tapioca pudding for supper. It was the only thing my tummy wanted.

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