Crow in FlightI have been trying to write this post all week. Many interruptions have prevented me from posting.

A treasure for any photographer is catching a bird in flight. This crow emerged from the tree, while I was seated on the front step. My camera was ever so handy. The neighbour’s garden is sporting these yellow roses. Summer is in full swing.

Yellow RosesSome sunshine, rain, thunder, lightening, and even hail the other night. A chill has settled into the air. Surely summer is not over in mid-July, but I have had the fireplace on more than once this week. Cool winds swirl in from the north unexpectedly. The sun warms the tops of my feet while I persist in wearing flip-flops-after all it is July!

We have more than our fair share of mosquitoes and other pests. I spotted a sparrow eating a dragonfly, which would have come in handy for pest control. However, I am not about to give up just yet. It was cool this morning, nights in the mountains, even in summer can be chilling. I had the fireplace on, but daytime was in the low twenties.

Rabbit LuckThese two adorable bunnies greeted me near my workplace this morning as I drove up. Rabbits are a good omen. You can find some interesting information about the symbolism, myth, and folklore of rabbits and hares. On my way home, a deer was feeding on the grass near the turnoff. Where ever I go, contact with animals and birds is inevitable. What splendid luck! A blessing to be sure.

Lightning BoltHere is a shot from the electrical storm we had this week. Wondering if this is causing the irregularities with the internet-email service-and telephone circuits.

Here is my horoscope for the week, and for any others who are Aries from Cosmic Path. You can check your own sign there-no need to register.

After Mars and Saturn had you slamming on the brakes and barely moving last week, the pressure should be lifting off you now, even if it is little by little. Nothing frustrates you more than not being able to take off when you want to, but it’s essential that you pay much more attention to the details than usual, so you’re ready for the big break in your career path or other major life goal that’s due to appear around the full Moon this Friday. Great, expansive, wonderful opportunities are coming, but you’ll have to prove you’re ready to receive them by going slowly enough to realize they are there. What comes to mind is how necessary it is to keep your eye on the ball as it’s hurling toward you at 100 miles an hour, just so you can catch it. Be prepared.

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