Warm Summer Breeze; A new Jazz Instrumental

Warm Summer Breeze

I have written scraps of songs for ever so long. Several years have passed since I turned out songs to their full completion. What I have lacked is focus. Setting some goals for myself I found to carry out them I must record things when I am in the flow. Otherwise they are lost.

Songwriting Process

Some start as voice notes on my phone which I then develop when I am with my instruments. Ideas often come in moments of relaxation.

Warm Summer Breeze is the first one I have documented in this new segment. I laid down the guitar & piano tracks this week for “Warm Summer Breeze”. It is instrumental at the moment, but I may add lyrics.

Despite having primitive recording facilities, I am documenting all the new songs. This gives me an opportunity to build on the ideas and framework and new possibilities become clear in that building process. The end game is to record an album.

It’s a fine line between planning and letting things take shape organically. Learning to create on demand is challenging. A looming deadline may just be the push I need. Music, being infinite, like numbers leaves me with so many choices. It is refining those which is time-consuming. I would do it all day if I could.

What I do in my spare time

Spare time sounds like a luxury, but a few moments found in between this and that. Yoga in the park on Sundays gets my week off to the right start. I love to get out in nature as much as possible, camera in hand. Since I am often mobile in the city, I prepare for time to stop at any nearby park when I can om between or after appointments. Sometimes I tuck a sketchbook and/or paints into my bag. I carry extra footwear, sun hats & jackets in the car and today I am thinking of taking my bicycle. Some areas on my list to check out can only be efficiently accessed by cycling on the pathways.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I found the pelicans finally. They migrate here and to see them feels like an unusual sight. One of the best parts of photography is being at the right place at the right time and having a camera. I always take my camera with me. Other times I write in my personal journal. And most recently I traveled with a drum.

Healing Power of Drumming

Drumming as healing modality is well documented. I went to Nosehill Park to attend a medicine circle and I was unable to find the group. It was a sweltering day, 33 C, which I am hardly used to. Since the park is immense with little shade, I chose to stay and do my own drumming. It was a very empowering experience. I captured a small part of my journey there to share with you.

I also picked some sage for a bundle, leaving the roots so it will regrow. Being in nature has responsibilities. Always leave it the way you found it or better. As custodians of the earth we must set an example and keep all the natural beauty around us so we may all enjoy it. After all it is our home.

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