Weekend Getaway

Spilley Across PondThe Columbia Valley is a glorious spot tucked between the Purcell & Rocky Mountain ranges. This is where I spent the long weekend.

The energy of the land whispers ancient secrets.

It’s beauty can carry you to another place and time. I felt as though I had been there before.

We stopped at Radium Hot Springs for a soak, then deposited ourselves about half an hour from the springs at the cabin of a friend.

Red CanoeThis chariot of the pond gave me a birds eye panoramic view. The surrounding landscape complete with reflections on it’s calm surface, courtesy of our host who toured me through the pond.

The cabin sits only a few meters from the train tracks. Soothing sounds late in the night added an enchanting dimension to the mysterious atmosphere.

Blue MountainReminiscent of places I have been, this blue mountain here bore an aesthetic resemblance to the Cerro Pedernal of the northern Jemez Mountains in New Mexico.

Spillimacheen, halfway between Golden and Invermere, means meeting of the waters.

We ate turkey and soaked up the stars with a nearly full moon beside a magnificent bonfire. Tucked in by the wood stove I was warm and cozy.

Spilley SunriseI awoke to this marvelous rose colored sunrise. The mountains were illuminated by the sun and caught my eye like a neon sign.

Sipping coffee, the heavy frost dissipated in the warmth of the sun. Cold black embers of the evening’s fire stared back at me. Many thanks to my gracious hosts for a memorable experience.

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