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Bird on a WireWhat I Need

I began this post over two weeks ago, then somehow got distracted. Like a bird on a wire I have been trying to do the balancing act. Not sure why, as it seems I haven’t accomplished much. Sometimes when so much energy is spent on basic survival, little is left for creating wonderful things.

The full moon and eclipse earlier this month seemed to arouse a raw primal energy which thankfully seems to have softened. Regardless of the amount of effort exerted in the last while, things have been stagnant, unwilling to budge. It is an in between time, where I am trying to organize myself for the inevitable frenzy.

Forest PondWhat I need is calm, quiet, and serenity. Give me a sanctuary far from this madness. I have been fall cleaning, which includes, but is not limited to decluttering, reorganizing trying to clear the energies around here to make room for the new!

A nesting ritual of sorts, it is my contribution to the Canadian tradition of readying oneself for hibernation, a long stretch indoors. My focus has been diluted, causing me to be easily distracted. I tell myself it is a necessary stepping stone to what is to follow.

River Silvered leaves have raised their underside to the moonlight, trees swaying in anticipation. Rains have come, full and steady, rolling off the roof and trickling into little rivers at the side of the house.

My hope for the yellowing leaves, sure to fall, is for a gradual descent.

Time stands still, like the darkness in the morning, which awaits an earlier dawn. Daylight savings time has been delayed. The dark mornings make me wonder why the change is supposed to be an improvement. Old habits die hard, even with the promise of rebirth.

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