Where the Air is Thin

Where the Air is Thin

Sometimes I wonder if the lack of oxygen, living at this high altitude in Calgary has an effect on all this craziness I have been experiencing lately. [Elevation:1048 M/ 51° 2′ 42″ N/ 114° 3′ 26″ W] I am almost sure things will settle soon. My mission today was to attempt making muffins for the first time in two years.

tea muffinsI had always baked, until I moved to this altitude. Now even the tried and true recipes fail. Well they are not perfect looking but they do taste good. No-fat, semi-flat banana, bitter orange peels (found in Mediterranean groceries), with chunks of fresh apple. I also had enough batter to make a loaf. SO if you are in the neighbourhood … stop by for a taste of muffins, tea and sympathy.

chefAll this while the vegetarian chili simmered away in the crock pot. Disaster struck when I burned the bottom of the rice pot, yet salvaged the top half of the rice. Computers should be off limits while cooking. I had set a timer, but ignored it, much like I ignore the alarm clock on the mornings when I do not want to get up. In the evening when my alarm goes off, I know I am late for work. My mission for tomorrow is to get those PJ’s out of the washer. With any luck, I will be back at the easel. 😉

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