while the garden sleeps

While the Garden Sleeps

While the Garden Sleeps

It’s that time of year and while the garden sleeps my nocturnal self comes alive with anticipation of winter projects. This is how I get through the long dark months. Half of me is purging and the other half is focusing on creative pursuits. Yet, as always I am taking it one day at a time. And so far winter has not been too severe.

Latest Artwork

Here is a commission I finally finished. It was a long time coming. Flamboyant Tree (Poinciana) 18 X 36 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. flamboyant-tree-commissioned-painting
See my most recent paintings fresh off the easel here.


My camera died while I was attempting to take pictures of the full blood wolf moon and lunar eclipse. It went out with a whimper and a lens error. Some invisible damage must have occurred when I fell. I thought it was just the lens cap and the LCD screen had a few damaged spots. I got one more year out of it.

I cannot remember the last time I was without a camera. Taking photographs is pretty much my therapy, so I am already working on manifesting another upgraded version. Most of my photos on Instagram are from my mobile phone. Join me there for an inside glimpse of my daily activities.

Current Weather Report

The winds of change are blowing strong these days. Tonight seems darker than dark, a skiff weaving its way through cracks in the night. I feel as though I am settling into another phase of my life. My focus is on what is important. Divvying up my remaining time on what matters.

At first, I felt resistance and fear, but then I started to let go a little piece at a time. Letting go is like ripping a band-aid off. Spending more time in preparation, and then when you do it, it just hurts a little at first and then the relief sets in and the pain lessens. Recent and upcoming changes in my life occur no matter what is going on externally.

Document all I have accomplished in my art career and otherwise is my latest inspiration. To keep track in a more organized fashion means it is time to make a plan. I do not want to exit this planet leaving things undone. I feel as though I am just getting started. Of course creating more artwork and music is in the plan.

Yet starting, later on, is different because one has all that experience giving more substance to the actions, while at the same time working to recapture innocence once known. I envision myself somewhere warm, where life is easier, where achieving ones sense of essence and purpose requires less effort.

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