Winter Solstice

Snow BirdDeep dark days of winter are upon us now, winter solstice is here, its frigid nights cause contraction and hibernation, a dark night of the soul.

Let this be the time you set intentions for what will manifest as the light returns. Many things are coming, yet are scarcely more than a whisper.


Snow Pine

Snow-laden boughs begin to sway. Occasional sprays of white blast into breathless air. I am yearning for the warmth and light, knowing the longing will soon enough end. Cryptic messages written in snow. A cold white sun provides a crystalline backdrop.

These darkest nights bring deep reflection amid the icy terrain. Hearts of glass delicately held for safe keeping.

Artpoint Christmas Party-Yours Truly








So we had a shindig at ArtPoint Gallery & Studios where I am a member. The band was kind enough to let some of us sit in, yours truly seen here on guitar and vocals. The bitter cold was barely noticed, filled by the warmth of the food, music, art and connections.

Amazingly enough my car was parked for a good seven hours and started like a dream, only to die a few days later in the garage. Thanks to wonderful neighbors with warm hearts.

Now the holiday season is upon us. Sending you all great blessings of joy, enlightenment and abundance. This Christmas season is a time for gratitude and forgiveness. Spread love and light to all. Merry Christmas!


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