Wounded in Action

Wounded in Action

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I take my camera everywhere I go. The picture you see on the left is the last one I took before the accident. Once again I was strolling along, neighbourhood was quiet, as it usually is in the middle of the day.

As I came up to this grove of trees I could see this guy’s legs sticking out. Scheming about how I could get him to move, I wondered how I could last picture show2capture the shot I wanted.

As I got closer I saw it was a guy eating his lunch and talking on his cell phone.

That is the last thing I saw before my legs went out from under me. I was wearing my padded down filled coat, thankfully. My coffee cup jumped out of my hand on impact, contents forming a river on the pavement, its’ lid flying through the air like a Frisbee.

I landed on my right side, camera sliding along the pavement. I saw it hit the asphalt wanting to turn back the hands of time. The guy whose legs you see in the photo on the right-cropped from the first image-came out from in front of a parked truck.

“Are you okay?” He gave me his arm to help me up.

Groaning, I reached out as I continued to lay right in the middle of the street reaching … reaching. “No no no, the camera … is it okay?”

He must have thought I was insane. As he passed it to me, he mentioned how he had written of his digital camera. Not a particularly comforting thought at that very moment.

Only on the battery cover was cracked as far as I could tell. “Oh no …” I crawled up, gathering my belongings. “Thank you for helping,” getting up on my own.” Did I mention I am stubborn?

I was on the phone ordering the part the very minute I got in the door. I was able to download the pictures by holding down the cover so the batteries would connect. Now I am waiting for the part to arrive.

They say most accidents occur within a few blocks from home. It does not help that ever since I can remember, I could trip over my own shadow. Now nursing bruises and scrapes on my legs and elbow, my ankle is also sprained. My body is sore from being wrenched … some days are better than others. The saga continues.

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